And The Award For Best Actor Goes To, Irfan Pathan! Or At Least That’s What Femina Thinks

Remember how excited you were when Irrfan Khan won Best Actor at Filmfare 2018? Prepare to be slightly less excited in a minute.



The actor who delivered a stellar performance in 2017’s biggest sleeper hit was awarded for his efforts this weekend. And naturally, fans and multiple publications came crawling out of the woodwork to congratulate him. But what absolutely sealed the deal was Femina’s wish to Irrfan Khan, offering their congratulations.

But something was a little off, by something we mean they offered said congratulations to famed cricketer Irfan Pathan.


The tweet posted by Femina’s official account on Twitter was a hilarious moment in time with people all around the internet trolling them for their faux pas.








But absolutely nothing can possibly beat Irfan Pathan’s sassy reply.

Bravo good sir! Bravo.

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