Do You Know What Does Amitabh Bachchan Sees On His Computer Screen In KBC?

From the first time we watched Kaun Banega Crorepati (KBC), we have seen Amitabh Bachchan using his computer. Big B’s computer is more responsive than our regular laptops and PCs – or so it would seem. As a kid, I have always wondered about the functioning of the famous computer. (Although in my heart, I want JARVIS)

This friendly computer that responds to Big B’s every command with utmost promptness has always been a subject of mystery.


Abhinav Pandey, who has won Rs. 12.5 lakhs on KBC answered this question on Quora.

His computer may be responsive i.e. he may skip the content or operate the process a little bit. However, the computer operator who sets the questions, timers, etc is seated elsewhere. A contestant’s computer is unresponsive i.e. he can’t skip or flip the content shown on the screen.

A typical computer screen of Bachchan sir consists of current questions, all options, winning streak, used and unused lifelines. In case he forgets details like name, place, job, village or companions of contestant then he could recall all by altering the screen option or refer to them on another big screen placed diagonally to the hot seat.


Unlike popular belief, Bachchan sir doesn’t know the correct answer before “Lock kar Diya Jaye (lock it please)”. After locking the option, the screen shows a correct answer, the incorrect answer and the details of the correct answer. To alert candidates of the wrong answer is just a good gestures of the host.


When a candidate takes the phone a friend lifeline then the screen shows the names and details of ‘Phone a friend’ nominees. A timer on his screen provides the interval breaks. However, it may be prolonged by the will of the host.


Both the screens (Hot seat and Bachchan sir’s) are kept off during the fastest finger first round.

You can read his answer on Quora here.

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