Watch How Amit Trivedi Shows You Different Parts Of India Through Different Music Artists

We often quote ourselves by saying “Music is life”, “Can’t live without music.” But how much do we know about music from different parts of India? Amit Trivedi, the brilliant singer and music composer, performed for Mirchi Music Awards. His voice was mesmerising but he was brilliant as a conductor! (A person who directs the performance of an orchestra or choir.)

He teamed and collaborated with various artists from different states of India.

Amit Trivedi For Kashmir

Trivedi paid tribute to folk music from various parts of the country including Kashmir, West Bengal, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Punjab and parts of South India.

1) Voctronica – The Acapella Band

Voctronica - Acapella Band

2) Gautam Das Baul, Warsha Eashwar For Bengal

Gautam Das

3) Chaudhary – Mame Khan For Rajasthan

Chaoudhary- Mame Khan

4) Neelam Kirkire For Maharashtra

Neelam Kirkire

5) Sowmya Roah for South India

Sowmya Roah

5) Vijay Yamla for Punjab

Vijay Yamla

It was loved by everyone, even the audience couldn’t stop clapping! Watch the amazing performance and be stunned-

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