If I Pull An All Nighter; Do I Even Need To Brush My Teeth In The Morning?



So like every other working professional, every evening, I promise myself to go to bed early every night. That never happens and I end up staying awake till 4:00 am regularly.

Last night, I spent the entire night playing a video game with my friends. And then, I had to go the office.

I had to get ready for the office but then it struck me:

Do I really need to brush my teeth if I pulled an all-nighter? I was awake and talking the entire night. Bacteria didn’t have a lot of time to grow inside my mouth. So, technically speaking, I don’t need to brush my teeth.

It had me curious. I walked around the office asking my colleagues the same question. Some asked me to fuck off or else they’ll report me to the HR. Some even asked me to go to rehab because ‘kitne nashe karta hai, bhai?’.

But some were quick to answer.

9 out of 10 dentists were shocked when we approached them. They all seemed ready to tell us how Colgate was the best toothpaste but none of them had any answer to my question.

None of my colleagues seemed to have any answer to this either.

And neither did my girlfriend, who now demands a picture of me brushing my teeth every morning for some reason.

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