Could Aleem Dar Giving Kohli ‘Not Out’ Bring India and Pakistan Closer? People Think So

You know your issues with an ex have peaked when her name comes up when you’re with someone else.

India’s been touring South Africa for the last couple of months. After coming up a little short in the Test Series, India over-compensated by winning the first three matches of the ODI series. And even though the loss of the 4th match doesn’t really matter to India but it still kinda stinks.

Today happened to be the 5th ODI between India and South Africa being played in Port Elizabeth. During a particularly delicate moment of the match, Virat Kohli was appealed against by JP Duminy on account of stumping.

It was one of those ‘there-but-not-there’ calls where Kohli’s foot was as much on the line as AIB’s humor.


The call was given to third umpire Aleem Dar of Pakistan who ruled the decision in favor of Kohli. Now to saner minds, Aleem Dar’s nationality has nothing to do with the said decision.

However, not everyone’s on the same page as far as that assumption goes, you guys. Here’s proof:

Coach Ravi Shastri too, took time out from watching the match to tweet (not):

It might also be the right time to remind you guys that about a week ago Virat Kohli had kindly endorsed Aleem Dar’s restaurant on Twitter:

Again, to saner minds all of this wouldn’t matter as far as Aleem Dar’s decision is concerned. However any possibility that brings the two countries together, we’ll entertain. So, here are a few more hopefuls:


And then, there were the ones who can’t be tricked out of sense even by rhetorics:

It’s hilarious though how people can’t stop linking Aleem Dar’s ‘not out’ to easing tensions between the two countries.

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