Diljit Dosanjh Takes His One-Sided Relationship To Gal Gadot After Kylie Jenner ‘Got Angry’

When Diljit Dosanjh has a fan moment, his fans too, get to enjoy the show. We have already seen him hovering around Kylie’s Instagram profile like a teenage boy, but it seems that Diljit is now having a change of heart. His new found love on social media is Wonder Woman Gal Gadot and seems that he cannot stop fan mailing her profile.

The singer-actor, recently commented on Gal Gadot‘s picture saying (translated version), that she seems to look like she’s from Punjab!

And as we know, his comment became another media moment with his fans commenting back on his compliment!

Recently, Gal Gadot shared another picture in pink, wearing a pretty bracelet, explaining its origins in her caption. But guess what? Our ‘Punjabi Munda’ has nothing to do with the description, being too smitten by this Wonder Woman! Well, we can’t blame him.

This time in his comments, Diljit had a quite a few whims with the damsel, Kylie too, being in concern!

His comment loosely translates to:I’ve earned a bad reputation in the Indian media, thanks to you. Kylie (Jenner) is also pissed. Can’t a dude express what’s in his heart?”

Well, is Diljit going to be okay or is he finally falling in love, once again? Surely, Kylie needs to talk to him!

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