The Man Who Cleaned 9 Million kg Of Garbage From Versova Beach Decides To Give Up

In 2015, Afroz Shah, a Mumbai-based lawyer, started the largest beach clean-up drive in Mumbai and within no time; had the support of enough volunteers who helped him out through this process. 


The cleaning at Versova beach went on for about 109 weeks before Afroz decided to give up and guess what? We are to be blamed for it.

Afroz took to Twitter and announced the suspension of the drive. He also justified why he decided to stop doing this and apologized to his country and the ocean.

Afroz’s efforts have been recognized by the United Nations and he has also been awarded ‘The Champions of The Earth’ award. The cleaning drive would take place every Sunday but it looks like it’s not going to be happening anymore.


He mentioned that despite collecting all the waste, the authorities refused to ensure that it is picked up and taken far away from the beach. He also spoke about the goons who sit and drink at the beach and misbehave when they are asked not to litter around.

The BMC, on the other hand, blames the citizens for not collecting the garbage properly and mixing it up with sand.

Before we complain about how we are not making any efforts to change the world, we need to look at people like Afroz who single-handedly took an initiative.

We are to be blamed for Afroz giving up on his dream of keeping the beach clean and wanting a better future for our generation and the ones that’ll follow after.

What do you think of Afroz’s spirit dying a sad death because we refused to adjust and give our contribution towards a better society? Let us know in the comment section!

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