Looking To Stay In The Sheets? Here’s 6 Of The Sexiest Adult Only Hotels Across The Globe!

Sexcapades are made even better by the availability of private spaces customized to enhance the quality time you spend with your special someone. I mean when you minus the babies yelling and the old couples smiling at you in the elevator, it really opens up a lot of possibilities, right?

So without further ado, here’s a list of hotels that you can stay in all day, and umm…enjoy the view.

1. The Palms Casino Resort, Las Vegas, USA

This hotel is supposedly the place of origin of the phrase, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

What You’re In For:
Their Erotic Suite features a rotating bed, mirrored ceilings, love seats, and a Show Shower with a stripper’s pole.

What You Pay:
Upwards of INR 4,580


2. Hotel Vice Versa, Paris, France

Inspired by the seven deadly sins, this hotel boasts seven floors, each dedicated to one sin.

What You’re In For:
Decorated by lingerie designer Chantal Thomass, the place screams sexy. It’s also further divided into heaven and hell, and hell comes with a hammam for two!

What You Pay:
Upwards of INR 9,000

vice versa

3. Z Hotel, New York, USA

When it comes to catering to those looking to add some spice to their love life, this hotel is nothing less than efficient. 

What You’re In For:
When you sign up for their ‘Naughty’ or ‘Nice’ packages, you receive a hamper of tickle feathers, blindfolds, edible lingerie, a book of erotic games, and…dun, dun, dun… breakfast in bed!

What You Pay:
Upwards of INR 11,450


4. Hotel L’Amour, Paris, France

When in France, make love like the French do in the heart of Pigalle, a neighbourhood known for its adult shops and theatres.

What You’re In For:
The Love Package includes a bottle of champagne, meringues and rooms decorated with playful graffiti by famous artists and erotic photographs.

What You Pay:
Upwards of INR 18,000


5. The Drake Hotel, Toronto, Canada

The hotel is famous for its crazy house parties, but don’t let the gyrating stop after the party’s over.

What You’re In For:
There’s a pleasure menu on offer with everything from vegan condoms, organic lubes, bondage tapes and much more to keep things going.

What You Pay:
Upwards of INR 21,450


6. Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort & Spa, Mexico

The resort offers a wide variety of sinful entertainment like burlesque, BDSM nights, and tape-art sessions, even featuring a Jacuzzi lounge where clothing is optional.

What You’re In For:
There’s a playroom, a fantasy menu, adult entertainment, erotic massages, pole-dancing sessions, role play and so much more to choose from.

What You Pay:
Upwards of INR 47,500.


Now start saving for that sexcapade!


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