Aamir Khan Reveals He Was Almost A Part Of ‘Darr’ And ‘Karan Arjun’

Well, it seems Shah Rukh Khan has had more of a luck than Aamir Khan.

aamir khan karan arjun darr


Growing up we’ve seen Shah Rukh Khan as Rahul Mehra and Karan from Darr and Karan Arjun respectively. But a shocking revelation from Aamir Khan says this wasn’t the original lineup!

Darr was first offered to Aamir Khan and not Shah Rukh Khan. He was let go off from the project.

aamir khan karan arjun darr


In conversation with Rajeev Masand, he admitted to the following.

“I was doing Darr. I didn’t say no to Darr. Darr, I was removed from so there is a big difference in that, I was let go off for asking too many questions.”

Asking too many questions could be detrimental to your career in Bollywood. While Aamir couldn’t be part of its success. However, it was a great career making role for Shah Rukh Khan who gave a knock-out performance.

This wasn’t the only role Aamir lost out on. Apparently, he was also offered Karan Arjun. The film was directed by Rakesh Roshan and went to become one of the iconic hits of 1995.

The director wanted Aamir Khan to be part of the film, however, Aamir Khan didn’t feel the part was meant for him and refused the offer. He was quoted saying:

Karan Arjun was also offered to me by Rakesh Roshan and again I thought it was a nice story and I told Rakesh ji that I think it’s gonna be a huge, huge hit but I just don’t feel I’m a part of it.”

aamir khan karan arjun darr


It seemed to  be a good decision however, as we cannot imagine Karan Arjun with any other cast!

Even with two major opportunities lost, Aamir Khan has set a path for himself. It was his choice of films that make him one of the best actors today!

Choices maketh man and definitely Bollywood careers!

aamir khan karan arjun darr



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