Aaj Tak Ran A National Debate On A Parody Tweet About Priya Varrier, Gets Trolled

Spoof or Parody is intended to poke fun. However, the close nature of reality gets misunderstood and it turns into real life comedy. News channel Aaj Tak had a taste of the ruthless side of parody when they fell for it.

A Twitter account Times Wow (parody of Times Now; a competitor of Aaj Tak) posted a rather controversial tweet.

Priya Varrier became extremely viral these past few days and was on every timeline. She featured in a song from Malayalam film  ‘Oru Adaar Love’ that went on to create countless memes.

Aaj Tak thought the tweet to be from one of their competitors and actually covered it as real news. The news anchor Anjana Om Kashyap went into an impassionate monologue about the fatwa.

While for the unaware, it is understandable to be misled by such accounts. However, aren’t news channels expected to dig a little deeper about their sources?

Honestly, this entire situation is a comedy gold.

This is how the twitterati reacted:

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