Twitter User Tries To Troll Aadhar’s Twitter Account And Their Sass Catches Everyone Offguard

So Aadhar cards are now a thing. Because people looked at a PAN number and thought – that number is way too easy to memorize.

Aadhar Card


But, despite minor inconveniences, the unique identity number resolves more issues than it creates. But India can’t really be grateful about anything, including the Aadhar Card without trolling online. (H/t)

Which is exactly what a Twitter user tried to do to Aadhar’s official Twitter account, @UIDAI. It all began with a Tweet on the 30th of September, celebrating the occasion of Dushera. The UIDAI tweeted about ten facets of good governance using Ravan’s head. 

But Twitter user @Stupidosaur thought he’d ask a fairly poignant question – how in the world does on handle Raavan’s Aadhar? Does he get 10 numbers? Or one number with a poor official being forced to take 10 photos of a disgruntled King?

But as Indian police departments and Sushma Swaraj have proved, never underestimate how sassy our Government departments can get over Twitter.

Technically, Raavan is a citizen of Sri Lanka, so he really isn’t eligible. Kudos to the UIDAI account for coming up with a sick burn we can only come up with after running the conversation through our head at least 6 times.

Twitter agrees too, showering the account with praise. With one particular comment catching their attention –

But amidst all of this, there has been another important question raised.

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