Thanks To The Aadhaar Card Existential Crisis, Twitter Had A Very Funny Day!

Aadhaar cards were introduced by Manmohan Singh’s government in 2009. Soon, the cards were labeled as a ‘flawed system’ by the NDA. The government changed, so did the NDA’s feelings about the cards.

However, Aadhar cards have been in the limelight for a month now because of the government made it mandatory for many services. The cards are having an existential crisis after the Supreme Court on Monday told the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led government at the Centre that it cannot make the Aadhaar card mandatory to extend the benefits of its welfare schemes.

The Supreme Court added that the use of the cards can’t be stopped for opening bank accounts.

And how would twitter stay quiet?

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Shivani Ahuja

Finds poetry in the simplest things.

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