Shortcuts To Winning Arguments On The Internet Without Losing Your Mind!

The Internet is similar to an Indian monument. You see a brilliant structure all clean and pristine but as you walk out and get around the monument you see dirty lanes with garbage all over the streets. The Internet is essentially more of that filthy street.

We have freedom of expression and speech. At times this freedom costs more than the money – it costs time and lot of grief. The problem with freedom of expression on the Internet is that everyone seems entitled to it, even the abusers. So if by chance you dare to post a reasonable observation, don’t be surprised if you find yourself dragged into an argument by a fool.

The normal guide by experts would have you believe that responding with well structured and the eloquent response is the perfect way to handle an argument. This guide also claims that supporting your argument with hard evidence is a healthy way to have a debate. BUT…

These guides pretty much go out of the window thanks, to modern internet users who have the least amount of patience.

In short, you are still pelted with abuses for debating rationally with logic,  you still end up disappointed.

THEREFORE, I present to you a shortcut to winning arguments on the internet. I promise you it is much easier.



Close that app that gives you pain. Is it Twitter that is the source of all this conundrum? Close the app or the website. If it is really aggravating you, delete it.

2. Rinse


Hide your phone in some corner and go take a walk. Rinse your mind from the online abusers. They are not worth it. Most of them are just sad folks looking to spew their sadness online so people can pay attention to them.


BE yourself, but don’t be this. Or engage with likes of this.

Once the wounds of your recent online spat are healed, go back. Scour the landscape and be very wary what you put out. If you think your thoughts might be misconstrued, rephrase them. Never never never engage with trolls. No matter how horribly it pains you not to reply. Just don’t.

Next time you find yourself infuriated enough to get into an argument, repeat the cycle.

The 3-step process will save you time and mental peace.

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