These Pictures Of Alia Bhatt Cuddled Up In Her Bed Is Basically All Of Us!

Honestly, who doesn’t like to sleep as if there are no qualms in the world? If you are somewhat like me then you must love the idea of a king size bed with warm blankets! If given a chance then I wouldn’t mind staying in my bed the whole day long. I mean it is kinda the best. Eat, watch Netflix, and read books! Guess what!? Even Alia Bhatt likes that too! If you happen to scroll her Instagram profile, you will see images of food, cakes and her all cuddled up!

She looks so cute and peaceful in the images that I might as well start a #bedselfie cult!

#1 The cutest and the prettiest!

Feeling blue ? #selfie #bigboss #breaktime

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#2 She is so perfect!

Shut down! Goodnight Houston! See you tom night👊👊👊 #DreamTeam

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#3 Cats and Alia are best buddies!

Heart & Soul ❤️

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#4 Colorful Alia!

Jet-lag colouring. 🎨🖌

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#5 So peaceful!

Be as peaceful as #AliaBhatt on a Sunday night. #MondayMotivation

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#6 When you want to lie down, nothing else matters!

Sometimes you just want your Dil to go to hell!!!! #JustGoToHellDil coming soon !!!!!

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#7 This is my favourite!

Literally! ✌️️

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#8 She is so adorable

The mandatory bored selfie.. Yes I am too sick to open my eyes BUT that don't stop my selfies 😉 #SelfieSundays

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#9 With Parineeta and Katrina! The Dream Team!

Some beauty sleep in harmony! Touchdown LA!!!! See you tonight guys..👊👊👊 #DreamTeam #katrina

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