9 Lesser Known Hanna-Barbera Characters On Cartoon Network That We Forgot About

The Hanna-Barbera partnership spanned for decades and have produced some of the most successful cartoon series. The team that started with Tom and Jerry went on to create successful shows like The Flintstones, Scooby-Doo, The Powerpuff Girls, etc.

The good ol’ days of Cartoon Network are clearly missing. The amazing cartoons that we grew up with were diverse in content and characters. If you watched cartoons during the early to late 90s, you’d have come across these series. Unlike the popular guys who always get recognized, these characters were lesser-known.

#1. Charlie – Swat Cats

This fun show featuring the adventures of T-Bone and Razor kept us engrossed for hours.  With them on the screen, it was easy to miss out the presence of Charlie. He played the security guard at Megakat Museum of History.


#2. Brak – Space Ghost Coast To Coast

He was the supervillain from the series. All he wanted to do was conquer the galaxy and be the evil guy. Sadly, later he suffered from brain damage in the episode ‘The Lure’.


#3. Race Bannon – Jonny Quest

This guy was a super talented, a special agent, a bodyguard and pilot, all in one. However, he did not get his due because Jonny hogged all the limelight.


#4. Brago – Space Ghost Coast To Coast

This guy has no superpowers but he knows how to use the weapons. He is known to use missiles and blasters to destroy his enemies.


#5. Zoolie – The Pirates of Dark Water

Zoolie is a minor character who has a recurring role in the series and he is quite funny. He helps the lead character Ren and his friends whenever they get in trouble and need a little help.


#6. Scooby – Dum –  The Scooby-Doo Show

Scooby Dum appears in multiple episodes of the show. He is portrayed as the dim-witted cousin. He and Scooby even have their trademark handshake.

#7. Lawrence ‘Crusher’ Crock – The Young Justice

Crusher was an athlete used his skills to commit a crime. He later became a part of Injustice Society. Green Lantern is his foe. He makes a recurring appearance in The Young Justice series.


#8. Flim Flam – The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo

Flim Flam lived in a town in Himachal, but due to mischief was kicked out. He would then come across the Scooby gang one of their mystery adventures. It is also been reported that he was once arrested for being a con-artist.


#9. Valhallen – Dexter’s Laboratory

He is basically the prettier version of Thor and his power is his sick guitar playing. He makes an appearance in the show and uses music to battle the bad guys.


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