Here Are 8 Tweets That Prove That KRK On RARE Occasions Does Make Sense!

Disclaimer: This article should be read with and in a sarcastic tone. If you have no sense of sarcasm, I deeply regret your lack of wry humor.

KRK is trolled unfairly on Twitter. It takes immense talent to be famous for doing so little. His contribution to cinema has been revolutionary, to say the least. He has a paved path for the greats like Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singhs , Dhinchak Poojas of the world. Hiding your eyes behind dark shades in broad daylight and emoting such succinct expressions in movies is a tough job!

KRK can be called a self-made man. He has no godfather in the industry yet manages to stay relevant after all these years. His movies are an eye opener and are nothing short of a marvel. So it is safe to say the man, the star, the brand KRK does not get his due. Twitter has been so horribly unkind to him.

While everyone chants of how imbecilic his tweets sound, I shall try to prove you otherwise.

Here are some gems found on KRK Twitter timeline that show that he totally makes sense, damn with the world.

#1. When he threw shade at lemon.

#2. He drives like he makes films, responsibly.

#3. He ain’t scared of no cops, the man is a badass.

#4. He makes some astute observations here.

#5. His serious findings about screen moms are totally based on statistical data.

#6.Do you think KRK needs to tone down his advice?

#7. He has some serious insights about the industry that kind of makes sense.

#8. KRK is doing the right thing, improving his heart. (if only he’d improve his twitter interactions, half the issues would be solved.)

People, of course, are jealous of his fame and chose to run his ‘brand’ through the mud. Poor KRK! :'(

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