8 Tricks Advertisers Use To Make Food Look More Delicious Than It Actually Is!

Food is beautiful, most of the time, no matter what kind of cuisine it is. Seeing a delicious plate of a meal can make your day and make you yearn for it in an instant. Advertisers know this, they know how to manipulate you into buying all kinds of junk food. You see, seeing food in real life versus seeing it in advertisements is a different ball game altogether!

While we know advertisements are meant to impress us with false hopes, we still cannot stop having unrealistic expectations from them. This is more true for food. The reason why your food looks better onscreen is because the food stylists and advertisers have various tricks up their sleeves.

Here are some ‘cheats’ that advertisers use to make the food look glorious onscreen and convince you to buy them.

#1. Steam is fake


A shoot can take anywhere from few hours to days. It is not possible for the photographers to keep them piping throughout. The cotton balls are lit and it can hold smoke for a longer time.  They place it strategically behind food so that it looks hot and freshly made.  When in reality, it is cold and probably out for long.

#2. The Ice creams they use for shoot aren’t real

The icecreams shown in advertising or even print is not ice cream at all! Since ice cream is sensitive to the studio lights and would melt easily, the advertisers use a mixture of mashed potatoes and food coloring to make it look like real ice cream! Bet you won’t see ice cream in adverts the same way again!

#3. Milk for cereal ads


It is not real milk at all! When you eat cereal with milk, you already have experienced that the milk drowns the cereal and makes it soggy. It does not look anywhere as close to the ads at all! To make the consumers believe that the cereal is the most delicious thing ever, they use glue instead of milk. Yes, that is right! They add white glue at the bottom, which has a very viscous consistency that prevents the cereal from looking soggy and sinking.

#4. Beverage with fake bubbles


You might have seen the Nescafe and Bru ads on the telly. But if you drink that delicious cup of frothy coffee, you might just get sick! This is because to make the coffee look fancier, the advertisers use dish soap for the foamy look. They do this with all the beverage ads. Since time is of the essence while shooting, they add a bit of soap to the beverage to keep it frothy over long shoot time.

#5. Burgers get more attention than required


Your Mcdonald burger in advertisements will never look as good in real life, ever! The food stylists take hours to make it look delectable. They use the same ingredients as the actual burger but they pay special attention to those details. Wonder how every burger ends up looking so cheesy? They place the cheese strategically and then melt it with a hairdryer and palette knife for that perfect look! When all is done, drips of sauce is then injected between the bread to make the burger appear oozing and juicy. Oh and if that is not enough, they paste sesame seeds to the bun one by one.

#6. Use lacquer for shinier rice


The advertisers use lacquer or a coat of transparent varnish to make the rice look shiny and non-sticky.

#7. The sauce isn’t 100% edible!


The glazy looking sauce you see in ads is much more likely to be mixed with melted wax to look more appealing! To maintain a thicker consistency, they add wax to it.

#8. Noodles aren’t that fresh


Every seen the delicious looking noodles ad? Well, it doesn’t look as good every time! To make a perfect ad, you need hours into production, this includes many retakes. The advertisers in such a case cannot keep making a fresh bowl of noodles every time. What they do instead, is spray it with liquid glucose so that it looks fresh and hot every time.

Design: Harshad Gehi

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