8 Things We Want Facebook To Stop Doing To Us Right Now

Facebook is basically all of us these days. Right from our smartphones to our lives, this is one social media site that is ruling us in and out. From our never ending friend lists to our photo albums to a repertoire of all the places we have ever been to, Facebook has our life noted down, cached and well preserved. It won’t be a big deal to understand a person these days, all you need is go through his/her wall and you would know better than anyone else. In short, Facebook is actually that face of all of, an open book that reveals way too much than needed.

No wonder we all are addicted to this little app and there are hundreds of good things about this one site that has got us all together, despite the distance. However, don’t you think there are certain things we wished Facebook could just do without, making life a little less of a hell for all of us? Ever given it a thought? If not, it’s time you look into what I am talking about!

#1 Stop asking me what’s on my mind

Seriously? We are absolutely done with speaking up our mind and even worse listening to others. The world would be a much better place if people could just stop telling us airport locations and maybe, how ‘meh’ they are feeling.

#2 Stop showing me stuff I desperately want to buy

Since when did this site that was solely made for socializing purpose become a full-fledged advertising banner, and that too a stubborn one? That bag I just saw at ‘amazon’, Facebook, could you please keep that away for a minute?

#3 Stop judging me for every article I read

Facebook, please understand that clicking on one single ‘Best positions ever’ article doesn’t mean you fill up my whole newsfeed with sex and cosmo! Stop it.

#4 Stop showing us those heart-wrenching memories and friendship day albums

Yes, we love to have a quick look through the past, but no, we have no interest in going back to the times we had braces, looked super ugly and were kind of a live zombie through med school.

And for god’s sake, stop making those friendship day albums, they actually happen to be the reason I end up fighting with friends, in case I miss tagging them!

#5 Stop asking us to make stories

As if Snapchat, Instagram, Whatsapp weren’t enough? Could you please stop asking us to make stories? We are so done stalking people.

#6 Stop punishing us every time we like/comment someone’s post

I behaved like a human and liked that god damn picture. Not enough? I commented on it. But could you please now leave my notification bar alone and stop telling me every time someone else does the same? Of course I can put them off, but why you do that?

#7 Stop suggesting us friends, assuming we would know them!

Could you keep those friend suggestions that we have never seen before to yourself? If we would have wanted to be friends with them, we would have found them already through your search!

#8 Stop those candy crush requests

Yeah, we know that it’s humans doing that, but you’re the creator of this new found torture. Would you please find some other way of getting extra lives and let us live ours peacefully?

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