8 Things That Happen When Empathetic People Date Narcissists

Empaths and narcissists are easily attracted to each other. 

Basically, empathetic people are those who have the ability to perceive and heal other people. Narcissists are people who love themselves and do not feel the need of having someone else in their lives. Bollywood’s exhibit A of an empath and narcissist relationship is Ved and Tara in Tamasha.


Empaths want to heal anything and anyone in pain. Narcissists, on the other hand, do not feel. Empathy and narcissism are both traits and they can change. The relation between an empath and narcissist is toxic and the empaths know it very well but they are too blind to see it. The narcissist doesn’t feel the need to have someone but the empath knows pain like no one else does.

So, when an empath loves a narcissist, they do it because they see a connection and know that it is important to their life. These are the things that happen when an empath falls in love with a narcissist.

#1 The sense of comfort is one-sided.


The empath finds a sense of comfort in the company of the narcissist. The empath doesn’t need a reassurance of the connection felt towards the narcissist. Narcissists build high walls around their soul. They do not let anyone in.

#2 The narcissist is in control of the relationship, not themselves.


Empaths love like they are made of it. Narcissists do not have control over themselves but think that they control the relationship. Having said that, the narcissist doesn’t know that their actions are hurting the empath.

#3 Making the empath self-doubt.


“You’re imagining things’ and ‘You’re crazy’ are the most commonly said terms that seed the doubts in the mind of an empath. Which leads to the empath feeling more reliant on the narcissist.

#4 Narcissists are always correct (according to them)


Their actions and words make the empath feel inadequate. They play with your mind. Also, everything the empath does is wrong. Narcissists protect themselves from being triggered or feeling anything for that matter. It is a bad trait to have but the empaths needs are not met. But this isn’t about right or wrong, it’s about being worthy of each other’s love.

#5 Narcissists change empaths, for the worse.


There comes a point when the empath breaks down and can no longer recognize them. And no one in close to them encourages the relationship. The perception of love changes for both, the empath and the narcissist.

#6 Empaths eventually realize that they deserve better.


Empaths, at some point, see clearly that their needs are important too. Obviously, the narcissist labels this as ‘selfish behavior’ or ‘unfair’. A point when both realize that probably being together is only getting worse. Maybe, their paths will cross again, maybe they won’t but when empaths stop putting efforts the narcissist chooses to ignore it because he/she still doesn’t know that probably they need each other.

#7 The narcissist continues to be miserable.


The relationship does come to an end, it does. Eventually, the empath lets the narcissist go. The problem here is that narcissists do not see that they are unhappy because of themselves.

#8 With time, both heal.


The empath feels that they have failed but they simply were manipulated, used and lied to by someone who had no remorse about hurting another individual. Even though the narcissist doesn’t mean to, he/she changes everything after leaving.  Narcissists do change when they find the right one.

Empaths and narcissists need each other to grow, to love and lead better lives. If a relationship is stable enough, the narcissist doesn’t remain the same. Being an empath in a world like ours is not easy. We are literally running a race with no end and no rewards. Everything said and done, everyone deserves love. No one tells us that relationships take work and it is even more difficult in the times we live.

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