8 Pieces Of Bad Relationship Advise That Friends Really Need To Stop Giving

BREAKING NEWS: Relationships require a lot of work.

We have all been in various kinds of relationships but how many times has it happened that you regret the decision of breaking up with someone maybe because your friends didn’t like him/her very much or maybe your sibling was too protective about you or maybe you just wished for it to work out.

Relationships demand efforts, patience, time, acceptance and understanding. It’s not all candyfloss and it is way more than the honeymoon phase. The problem is that we are easily influenced.


Every relation including friendships demands a lot of hard work and we all deny that.  Relationships are very complex in the world we inhabit. Every relationship goes through its share of ups and downs but we need good pieces of advise while we go through them.

People you refer to as friends may very well turn out to be snakes in the disguise of a human form, if they give you advice like these:

#1 There’s plenty fish in the sea.


Firstly, don’t we already know? Secondly, there’s a reason why that particular person is in our lives. Thirdly, no one is replaceable. The whole deal about being with someone is the connection that probably isn’t with anyone else.

#2 Give the silent treatment.


Do you have any idea how stupid is it not to talk it out? Avoiding any kind of talk doesn’t make sense. The talks that require facing the issue and talking it out are the ones that need to be done. Conflicts arise in every relationship and they can only resolve after having the talk.

#3 Be strong and not so strong at the same time.


Being in a relationship doesn’t mean that you stop being independent. “You can’t afford to let all your guards down” but “Let him in” what is your point, my friend? If I am dating someone, how am I supposed to be vulnerable and not so vulnerable to the man I claim to love? Really? That’s your advice? You’re messing it up.

#4 Read their messages.


What is wrong with you? It’s actually illegal to invade anyone’s privacy. Why would you advise me to check the phone of the love of my life at that very moment? And if you are suspicious about your partner, confront them. Making assumptions can only make things worse. Talk it out and then take it forward.

#5 You deserve someone better.


If he is earning as much as me, if he isn’t conventionally good-looking, I am not going to shove it in his face. Seriously, if you have such friends who tell you that you are compromising because of how much your boyfriend/girlfriend is earning; you leave the friends.

#6 Ask them to be romantic.


Hi, the honeymoon phase needs to pass before you build a life with anyone. It is not necessary for your partner to be cheesy 24/7, genuinely.

#7 You are supposed to fulfill each other’s needs.


So tell me, when was the last time you actually respected an emotionally dependent person? Everyone has needs but the whole point of a relationship is going beyond the needs of whoever the dependent one is. Any relation, for that matter, is based on connection and not needs.

#8 What’s the point of being with someone who’s not even around


“You shouldn’t be with him because he wasn’t there for you that one time.” Okay, the whole deal with they should be with you when you need them is not cool. You can’t expect that person to be with you everytime you need them. You have to allow them to be on their own. You just can’t advise a friend to stay away from a someone they love just because of that one date he canceled or that one time he didn’t answer your call.

Pay attention to the ones who advise you but listen to your heart.

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