8 Medical Miracles Whose Stories Are Too Fascinating To Believe

Medicinal science has come a long, long way.

But there is no denying that there are still cases where doctors take a back seat to fate and human biology. But sometimes through sheer dumb luck or willpower, there are people who endure despite life-threatening injuries and diseases. Medical miracles who inspire us to live despite all the odds.

#1 The Boy Who Survived Decapitation


Typically, having your head separated from your body can cause minor inconveniences, like death.

But not for Jordan Taylor. After a horrific car crash left his head detached from his spinal cord, most would assume the 9-year-old wouldn’t survive. However, his injury was a unique one – the decapitation was an internal one, which is how dedicated doctors managed to save him.

Still, it was thought he’d have to deal with some form of paralysis throughout his life. Jordan surprised the hospital staff with a full recovery in three months and walked out of the hospital just fine.

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#2 The Man Whose Head Was Skewered By An Iron Rod

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Aren’t kebabs delicious? Now, on a totally unrelated note, Let’s talk about Phineas Gage.

Gage was just chilling doing his job as a railway foreman when his 3-foot iron rod accidentally sparked a rock, sending the rod flying clean through his head.

But not one to excuse himself from work, reports claim that he was walking around casually after a few minutes, blissfully unaffected by his left left-frontal lobe just having been destroyed.

His left eye was severely damaged, but apart from that, he suffered no lasting injury. Scientists did note though that his initial quiet and even-tempered personality had changed. Making him much more violent and prone to anger.

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#3 The Boy Who Wouldn’t Drown


12-year-olds aren’t exactly known for their command over the tides. which is why great care needs to be taken when children swim in open water. Unfortunately, Charles Ostrander was dragged underwater by an inescapable riptide that held him there for about 20 minutes.

After 20 minutes he as rescued from the cold water but he wasn’t breathing. Eventually, however, he did survive and without permanent brain damage which is common after about 20 minutes of oxygen deprivation.

According to doctors, the cold water might just have been the thing that kept his brain safe. Because when the body is in a state of hypothermia, it is highly protective of brain function.

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#4 The Man Who Needs His Tooth To See


Martin Jones suffered an accident at work that led to him losing his eyesight. even though one eye was saved, he couldn’t really see without it.

Till one ingenious doctor decided to put his tooth in his eye.

In a one of a kind procedure pioneered by Dr Christopher Liu, using his tooth as a lens-holder for his eye. And somehow, the procedure worked, letting Martin Jones see his wife for the first time at 42.

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#5 The Man Who Woke Up After 19 Years


Terry Wallis met with an accident which led him to enter a comatose state. Doctors assumed he would remain like that for the rest of his life.

However, 19 years later, he awoke.

Over the next few days he slowly began to remember details from his life Yet despite the fact that he could retain memories from before his accident, he wasn’t able to process current experiences into memories.

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#6 The Man Who Lived After Being Cut In Half


In 1995, a man was discovered in the wreckage of an accident, with his body severed into two parts.

The man in question, Peng Shuilin, was not one to give up easily though. After complicated medical procedures that involved transferring skin to the bottom of his body to help his lower organs survive. Shuilin was stuck spending many months in a horizontal position to prevent his organs from spilling out, but eventually, he began to recover using a special casing attached to two bionic limbs.

The best part has to be his successful bargain supermarket chain called “The half-Man Half-Price Store”.

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#7 The Heartless Teenager


At the age of 14, D’Zhana Simmons suffered a setback when her heart grew too large for her body.  Her first heart transplant failed and the doctors had to remove it from her body to keep her alive. However, they replaced it with two heart pumps.

These pumps were in no way perfect and would constantly malfunction, however, she survived  without a living heart for a whopping 118 days

Thankfully, her second transplant was successful and she regained her strength over time.

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#8 The Man Who Could Not Get AIDS


The AIDS crisis in America was one of the most publicized modern epidemics. Which is why when Stephen Crohn did not get the disease despite exposure to the disease, he went around to doctors asking them to study him. Which led to the discovery that he could not get AIDs.

Stephen possessed a delta 32 mutation on his CCR5 receptor, a protein which HIV uses as a gateway.

This rare mutation made his genes worth studying to advance AIDs medication. Tragically, he committed suicide at the age of 66.

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