8 Incredible Mini TV Series To Binge Watch If Bollywood Is Not Your Cup Of Tea

Okay, we get it that Bollywood is not everybody’s cup of tea. Not everyone gets the drama, romance, and super raunchy songs. And above all, not everybody is convinced with a forever happy ending. But the world of entertainment is not just limited to the B-town. For those of you who are looking for something more than just ninety minutes of storytelling, congratulations, you are in the generation of TV series. Not the usual daily soaps, let me introduce you to these 8 TV series that would leave you begging for another season.

1. The Night Of 2016- 8 Episodes

A taxi driver in New York meets a woman and they decide to spend the night together. The man wakes up to the dead woman in the morning and suddenly he is the potential murderer in everyone’s eyes. What unfolds next is for you to find out! Watch the trailer here. 


2. Parade’s End- 5 Episodes

A British aristocrat, Christopher Tietjens, is a man of unshakable morals and would have never imagined crossing the lines of his marriage to fall in love with  Valentine, a young suffragette, who would change the way he looks at the world. Watch the trailer here.


3. A Young Doctor’s Notebook-8 Episodes

Set in the Russian Revolution in 1917, a young doctor Vladimir Bomgard comes to a village to treat the locals. The story is set amidst his own tribulations and the struggles he finds in treating locals with their superstitions. Watch the trailer here. 


4. The Beauty Inside- 6 Episodes

For Alex, every day is a new beginning, literally, as he wakes up in someone else’s body. Throughout the series, Alex talks to the viewers telling them each and every bit of his feelings while he lives someone else’s lives. Watch the trailer.


5. 11.22.63- 8 Episodes

Jack Epping is an English teacher who gets an opportunity to go back in time during the 60’s and prevent the assassination of John F.Kennedy. What Jack doesn’t realize is that the past has its own secret traps to keep him there. Watch the trailer.


6. The Slap- 8 Episodes

A subtle birthday party turns into a nightmare as a short-tempered guest slaps a naughty kid whose parents ignore his misbehavior. What follows is a lawsuit filed by the child’s mother, breaking the friend group and unfolding into an interesting series of events. Watch the trailer.


7. And Then There Were None- 3 episodes

Eight complete strangers who know nothing about each other are invited to a castle on an island. The castle doesn’t have any hosts and the guests are welcomed with a couple(servants) who play a gramophone recording accusing them of murders and befitting punishments. What happens next? Well, here watch the trailer.


8. Little Dorrit- 14 Episodes

Amy Dorrit is brought up with her parents in a prison cell. Her complicated love stories that are a series of love, hardship, tolerance, and ghosts of the past will make you want to watch this ‘Crown’ beauty in a brand new look. Watch the trailer.


What’s good? They won’t take more than a week of your schedule!

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