8 Documentaries On Netflix That Are A Must Watch For Every Millennial Woman

With streaming becoming easier and affordable, Netflix is becoming the new television in our homes. Thankfully, as an audience, we have far better options to watch than spending worthless afternoons with Indian soaps and crime patrols. Also, Netflix through its powerful series and documentaries sparking up conversations that till now were only limited to a 90-minute matinee movie, crisp and succinct.

’13 Reasons Why’ is a recent example of how 13 episodes of teenage depression and suicide can steam up a conversation, almost forcing schools to ban the series.

And just like that, the Netflix world is filled with stunning documentaries on subjects that were never uttered before, opening a whole new world of change through entertainment. A lot of them are powerful stories built especially for modern women, empowering them and opening the world of change.

So if you are taking an off from work, grab a cup of coffee and start your binge watching session with these 11 documentaries that you never knew Netflix has brought for you! Trust me, your world is about to change.

#1 Audrie & Daisy

This heart wrenching and disturbing documentary debugs the case of sexual assault of two women, Audrie Pott who commits suicide after getting sexually harassed and Daisy Coleman. The film deals with the deep rooted ‘boys will be boy’ ideology. The story has a gripping script and is bound to stir a call for change.

#2 After Porn Ends

Venturing into an off-mainstream topic, this documentary deals with the effect of ageism in the porn industry. Through real-life narratives of porn stars literally losing jobs because they grew old enough to not be a part of it, After Porn Ends is an insight into the world that rarely steps out of closed doors.

#3 She’s Beautiful When She’s Angry

Made for every woman who has a feminist heart, this documentary is a collaboration of woman-stirred movements that have shaped our present world of liberties and rights as women. From antiabortion law protests to third-wave feminist movement, this piece of spectacular work would change the way you pronounce ‘Feminism‘.

#4 Growing Up Coy

The story picks up from a very subtle nuance, through the story of Coy, a transgender who is denied access to women’s restroom. The documentary narrates Coy’s fight, backed up by her family and gaining access to not just her true self but also uplifting her name from the ban, a small change big enough to spark an important debate.

#5 The Hunting Ground

Think that rape is largely a crime converged to Indian society? This documentary explores the rape culture in American society, a topic often whispered in colleges and universities. Lady Gaga’s “‘Til It Happens to You,” gives this perfect compilation it’s very much loved, theme song.

#6 American Masters: The Women’s List

In search of some instant inspiration? Watch the best of American women that have stood for who they are and have never taken womanhood for granted.

#7 Miss Representation

This one doesn’t come with some new found theory on womanhood, yet it picks up instances of how media represents women adding bit by bit to their aged old social picture. I would say, it’s a must watch!

#8 A Ballerina’s Tale

This is the story of Misty Copeland who jumped boundaries and became the first black principal dancer for American Ballet Theatre. The film takes you through Copeland’s inspiring journey of fighting racism and creating a niche for herself as she moves to New York.

PS: This is not a promotion stint, but from my personal experience, go spend those 500 bucks, you won’t regret it, for there’s a whole new world out there for you, at a click of a button!

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