8 Bizarre Airlines With The Weirdest Selling Points Imaginable

Air travel is a miracle of technology. It is also a miracle how anyone can spend twelve hours in an economy seat without spontaneously stabbing other people to death.

But even so, there remain some airlines that are willing to go that extra mile to provide their passengers with a memorable experience.

Please note, we never said good, we said memorable.

#1 KLM Royal Dutch Airlines – Stalk Your Fellow Passengers Online


The airlines offers what is called a “meet and seat” service. Which is when they give you access to the social media profiles of the passengers on the plane so you can choose who to sit next to.

Not only is this a little sketchy, but you’ll probably end up sitting next to a sweet, educated man with a sense of humour who turns out was 13 years old all along.

#2 EVA Air – The Hello Kitty Airline

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Have you ever thought your in-flight experience would be vastly improved by being surrounded by images of a tiny white cat in a bow?

Then you should head over to EVA Air because nothing goes better with mild nausea and claustrophobia than adorable lunch boxes and cartoon characters.

#3 Eurowings – Surprise M**erf**ker!!


Booking an air ticket is an unpleasant situation under most circumstances. Now imagine if you had no idea where this ticket was going to take you.

Eurowings offers what are known as blind bookings, where you can book a ticket without knowing the destination. It’s only after bookings are complete do they reveal exactly where you’ll be going.

#4 La Compagnie – Luxury Redefined


You’d think an airline that only has flights to two destinations would be pretty useless. Especially if all the seats were business class.

But bear with us. La Compagnie’s New York to Paris flights offer their customers Michelin Star food, Samsung entertainment tablets and those awesome seats the recline into beds.

#5 Air Koryo – North Korea’s National Carrier


Do you want to go to North Korea? Why?

But since you insist – Welcome to Air Koryo, one of the world’s lowest-rated airlines.
No entertainment except for a Girl’s band singing songs praising Kin Jong Un, the Great Leader. Happy travels.

#6 Viet Jet Air – Bikinis. On the flight.


Would any business model be made stronger with the inclusion of bikinis? Who knows.

However, Viet Jet is bravely going to find out anyway. With gimmicks and marketing material that focus primarily on ladies in skimpy swimwear, the airline has actually ended up being fined for risking passenger safety while trying to pull off one of these stunts.

But they went ahead with beauty pageant contestants sashaying down the aisle in skimpy clothes anyway.

#7 Kulula Airlines – The Sarcastic Plane You Never Thought You Needed


We don’t pay much attention to the outside of aeroplanes really. It’s the first part that gets crushed in a fiery chasm when you crash, after all.

But Kulula forces you to pay attention to their planes decked out in hilarious lines like, “Front Door – This Door Is Always Open”, on the front door.

#8 A German Travel Agency Put Some Naked People On A Plane

So, there was once a German travel agency who decided to provide services for one of the world’s least acknowledged minority – nudists. The agency decided to launch an airline to help them be naked on a plane.

On one hand, it does help people who’ve chosen the lifestyle. On the other hand, it really makes you reconsider how disgusting those airline seats really are.

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