7 Most Underrated Horror Movies That You Should Watch Immediately

Let’s just say that we understand the pain of not finding the right horror movies; most of them; aren’t that scary, or seem to be somewhat similar to their predecessors. Watching the same horror movies also gets boring at times. We hear you.

So grab a bucket full of popcorn, (maybe more than one, they are never enough), turn off the lights, draw the curtains and watch these movies. WARNING – They are really scary.

1. Lovely Molly

You probably have watched “The Blair Witch Project” at least once and it’s one of the best horror movies. Lovely Molly has been directed by the same banner. The newly wed couple goes back to the bride’s childhood home and Molly sees a demon creature more than her husband.  It’s interesting the way movie has been shot.

2. The Possession

I know, there are many best movies under this genre but the scenes are horrifying. There are some genuinely creepy moments and a story that keeps you entertained.

3. It Follows

A supernatural psychological horror film, Jay finds someone following her everywhere after her sexual encounter. Bizzare, but it it’s amusing and interesting how the concept moves smoothly with the plot.

4. Coherence

It is a crazy-compelling psychological thriller whose weird-out factor is through the roof. It is centred around a dinner party that goes awry.

5. The Children

Imagine children plotting murders and setting traps like Final Destination to kill their relatives and parents. I know, most of the movies have something to with kids but this has another perspective to it.

6. Inside

It is one of the most unrelenting and gruesome horror movies you’ll ever see. It concerns the attack and home-invasion of a young pregnant woman by a mysterious stranger who seeks to take her unborn baby.

7. Triangle

Technically a mystery thriller, ‘Triangle’ rides a trippy wave of suspense most of the time. When bad weather forces passengers on a yacht to board a passing freighter, their vacation takes a turn for the worse.

Which of these movies are you going to binge-watch this weekend?

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