7 Times Humanity Was Told The World Was Going To End – SPOILER ALERT, It Didn’t


If you didn’t believe us great. It was a stupid idea. If you did, you enjoy the same collective IQ as the people who believed the hoaxes mentioned below.

#1. 1806 And The Prophetic Hen


Yep, this story involves a hen. People believed that the principal ingredient for delicious Butter Chicken had given them a sign of the doom. The people from the town called Leeds believed that the coming of Christ was gonna happen in 1806 and the world as they knew it would end.

How did the hen manage to communicate this information so successfully? By laying an egg on which the message was written. Not to doubt the penmanship of the hen’s uterus, but the hoax caught on pretty well. Turns out though, the egg’s owner was a woman called “The Yorkshire Witch” who was known for feisty pranks like this one, which was cool.

But then she was discovered in the act of shoving the egg with the message back into the hen…which isn’t cool.

#2. 1910, The Year Earth Passed Through A Comet’s Fart


Before the internet was advanced enough to cause unnecessary panic in people, we had newspapers. And if there’s anything that makes humanity nervous, it’s a comet. Which is fair, because a flaming ball of gas is something we would generally be afraid of.

But in 1910, rumors began spreading that the Earth would pass through the comet’s trail and die. Then a story reflecting this theory was published on the front page of the “New York Times” and shit really hit the fan. With people terrified of their impending doom.

Till scientists told everyone to calm the fuck down. And we did.

#3. 1994 And Literally One Dude Who Insisted He Was Right


Harold Camping was an author and radio personality who published a book named 1994?

The book heralded the coming of Christ in  – you guessed it – 1994. And when Christ stubbornly refused to show up, he kept shifting the date, abandoning such predictions for the future. Till he later claimed that the world would come to an end in May 2011. And then again in October 2011.

Which didn’t happen either.  Much like that dude you like on Instagram who insists he wants to meet you, soon.

#4. 2000 And The Plot Of Thor: The Dark World & Ice Age Combined

Source (L), (R)

As much as your alt-fact friends would like to claim otherwise, global warming is a thing and it’s a thing that has caused catastrophic changes in global climate. Which is why this particular prediction was not just wrong, but hilariously so.

Richard Noone in his book “5/5/2000 Ice: the Ultimate Disaster” said the world was going to enter a second Ice Age that would kill off all life on the planet. Why? Because the planets would all align in the sky.

An idea Marvel took one look at and thought “this is going to make the best mediocre film of all time”.

#5. 2000, The Year A Computer Messing Up Freaked The Hell Out Of Everyone


Computers make mistakes. They’re made by squishy accident-prone humans after all. However, this was one bug that drove humanity crazy for a small moment in time.

Thing is, in the 1900’s digital calendars like the one used in computers used the last two digits to record the current year. Meaning they could not tell the difference between 1900 and 2000. And experts feared that this would make all the computers crash and die, bringing about the apocalypse, for some reason.

But nothing really happened and life went on with computers advancing at a rapid pace, except when you need to use your printer. Then your computer will tell you to go fuck yourself.

#6. 2012 And Some Lazy Mayan Calendar Writers


Remember how obsessed the world was with the Mayan calendar in the early 2010’s? Why? Because the Mayans who had taken a lot of time and energy to make a comprehensible calendar back in the 5th Century BCE, and then decided enough is enough.

We have better things to do than make a calendar. Let’s stop at 2012. And so they did.

But despite them being able to effectively map out a lunar-solar calendar that stretched through centuries, they couldn’t predict how idiotic the human race would actually become in those centuries.

2012 came and went and I’m still stuck at work. So…

#7. 2008 And The Poor Hadron Collider


The Hadron Super Collider is an absolute marvel of modern technology that we know precisely nothing about. It’s cool, we’re just not smart enough to really know why.

But back in 2008, people were so clueless about how it worked, that we decided it was going to essentially go BOOM and end the world. Things escalated enough that people legit tried to stop the scientists over at CERN from conducting their research in peace.

Thankfully both the protestors and the collider failed to halt humanity’s progress.

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