7 Things That We Blindly Believe In That Even Science Can’t Explain

Scientists don’t know whether aliens exist! Jaadoo must be so sad about this!


As humans, we don’t really need validations for everything we believe in. But there are somethings that don’t have scientific explanations as well. Science like everything else isn’t as perfect as we think it is. We can’t sit and Google what Google itself doesn’t know. Google itself is an invention and some questions can’t really be answered.

We tend to believe anything that is visible or invisible to our eyes. We put faith in things that might not really exist or be proved to us.There is an invisible dance that happens behind everything. For instance, we believe in rumors and many living organisms that haven’t been proven to us.

Here’s a list of things that we believe in without any proof.

#1 Yawning


Yes, you heard it right. We don’t know why we yawn. It is said to be a sign of boredom and sleep but there is no scientific reasoning behind it.

#2 Why using the right hand is considered to be ‘correct’?


Did you know 95% of the world’s population is right handed? Science can’t prove why using your right hand for everyday things is normal. It isn’t proven why left-handed people are so rare to find.

#3 Where are the aliens?


It is said that there is life on the other planets. However, no scientific proof that ‘aliens’ do exist. If they do, we wonder why they haven’t tried to make any contact with humans.

#4 Has water always existed on earth?


Science can’t tell us why or how water exists from the beginning of time. We don’t have proof to believe that water will get exhausted or it won’t.

#5 Why is reproduction only sexual?


There are theories on it that claim that negative mutation is reduced in sexual reproduction. There is no reason why reproduction is not done in any other form.

#6 Butterflies always find a route


How do they end up finding a migration route? There are Monarch Butterfly who fly a thousand miles to migrate. The reason is not proved by science as yet.

#7 Tomatoes have more genes than humans do


Humans need only 20,000 genes but tomatoes need more than 30,000 genes. This is something known as the C-value paradox. But the answer to the question why isn’t answered.

How many of these did you believe in?

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Shivani Ahuja

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