7 Of The World’s Best Trained And Most Formidable Police Departments

Being a member of a police force could mean a lot of things – from combat to administration, there are many people with a variety of skills who contribute to keeping others safe.

But there are specialized groups of police officers who dedicate their lives to training and perfecting their skills. Task forces that are specifically created to handle issues that plague citizens. Here are 7 task forces and police departments that are best known for their efficiency around the world.

#1 Yamam, Israel


Part of the Israeli Border Police, the Yamam is a counter-terrorism unit that specializes in hostage rescue as well as and operations in civilian areas.

Their training lasts for an intense six months and also includes a “hell week”; the most important and difficult session that they have to clear before being integrated into the force.

#2 National Police Agency, Japan


Thought to be one of the best-trained police forces in the world, the NPA also boasts some of the lowest corruption levels.

Led by a Commissioner General, the NPA is known for its rigorous but holistic training aimed at transforming men and women into able officers. They have also been known to conduct multiple international investigations as well as co-operate with the mafia and other syndicates to prevent crimes before they happen.

#3 Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Canada


One of the world’s most recognized police forces, Mounties are expected to take their training seriously as well as devote time to academic pursuits to serve their roles better. Founded in 1920, the RCMP has a high rate of effectiveness.

Women were allowed to apply to the force back in 1974 with the first female commissioner, Brenda Lucki, being sworn in this month.

#4 Grupo Especial de Operaciones, Spain


A cross between the police and military, this group was founded in 1977 to counter terrorism in the country.
As of 2014, only one of their officers had ever been killed on active duty and over 40 terrorists successfully captured.

Given focused training in urban combat as well in various policing techniques, they have a very high rate of success within their jurisdiction.

#5 Police Nationale: RAID, France


With a tiny roster of about 320 officers, this anti-terrorist branch of the French police is an elite unit that specializes in hostage rescue as well as VIP protection.

RAID officers typically belong to one of two groups – the first being those who execute operations on field, and the second, those dealing with intelligence, weaponry and technical know-how.

#6 Jungla, Colombia


Often thought of as a military unit, Jungla is technically a branch of the Colombian National Police.

Their name comes from their specialization in jungle warfare against the drug lords who often base themselves out of the country’s thick forestry.

Having trained with US special forces, as well as Special Air Service from the UK, Jungle officers are trained mainly to destroy drug labs.

#7 BOPE, Brazil


Brazil’s premier urban warfare unit, BOPE is trained to conduct missions in confined and cut off environments. This contributes to their success in reducing crime across the multiple shanty towns of Brazil.

The group has access to three main types of vehicles that they use in constricted areas to move past barricades and blockades. Officers have to undergo intense training before being allowed to join the force. The training ends with them having to stay awake for three whole days with minimal rations.

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