7 Little Life Lessons You Can Learn From Thanos In Infinity War


If you have you should know that Thanos is pretty awesome. Not just because of his strength and genocidal tendencies, but because he really knows how to be productive and achieve his goals without sacrificing his mental well being.

How does he do it? To live your best life, check out some easy life lessons from the Mad Titan himself.

#1 Don’t put off till tomorrow what you can do today

Because the Mad Titan honestly achieved more in a long weekend than the Avengers did in 18 movies.

Thought he’d wait for the second movie before getting all six Infinity Stones? Lol, no. He’s a man with a plan which takes shockingly little time to execute.

#2 Always make time for your family

There’s nothing more important than spending time with those closest to you. Bring your daughter home and insist she stay for a bit.

Track down your other daughter and persuade her to leave her weird multi-coloured friends and come back home.

Because at the end of your day, it’s your family who will be standing by your side. On a cliff. At the end of the world. And if they’re unwilling, a little push always helps.

#3 Jewels go with every outfit

Bring that bling, honey.

#4 Take a minute to watch the sunrise every day

There’s so much that get’s in the way of mental well being when you’re trying to kill off half the world’s population. Any cosmic being ould begin to feel the stress after conquering so many worlds.

Butt not Thanos, he takes time out to enjoy the little things, like a quiet, blood-soaked sunrise.

#5 Bubbles make a fun addition to every party

Just because you have a deadly reality warping device doesn’t mean it’s all doom and gloom. Try and go out of your way to conjure something everyone loves.

Like bubbles.

#6 Be environmentally conscious

The earth is strapped for resources because people always use more than they need. It’s easy to be selfish and let the next generation deal with those problems, but not Thanos.

He’s willing to step up and take charge. To save the earth,  so that 50% of it’s population can enjoy everything the world has to offer with the pesky other 50% getting in the way.

#7 Use everything at your disposal

You got an Infinity Stone? You should probably use it.

*cough cough* Doctor Strange.

*cough cough* Vision.

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