7 Intriguing Art Installations Made Entirely Out Of People’s Garbage

In an environmentally conscious world, we’re always looking for new and effective ways to get rid of our garbage.

And nobody does it better than these artists. Who’ve used a lot of creativity and some trash to come up with some of the most beautiful works of art.

#1 Doors by Choi Jeong-Hwa


The project was completed using a whopping 1000 doors.
The artist, Choi, even admitted that he was never good at drawing or painting but loved walking around the city discovering and photographing discarded objects.

#2 Keyboard Portraits by Work By Knight


Using old keyboards to make celebrity portraits is as odd as it is beautiful.

The artist, Work By Night, justifies his work by saying that his childhood was spent without devices like phones and computers but as an adult, he found their use compulsory.

He says that he associates buttons with mortality in an age dominated by touchscreens. Using an outdated device to capture celebrities is an exercise in keeping his own work relevant.

#3 Seven Wasted Men by Michelle Reader


Reader made this installation using the garbage produced by one family in a month. The point was to make them extremely aware of the amount of trash they were throwing out.

The installation was also very personal with an intimate look at the items discarded by each individual family member.

#4 Milkywave by Aida Studios


A part of the Beijing design festival in 2012, the entire piece is made out of old discarded yoghurt containers. Over 1000 containers were used to complete Milky Wave.

#5 Recycled Orchestra by Favio Chavez


Chavez worked out of the city of Paraguay, one of the poorest in Latin America.

The main impetus for the Recycled Orchestra actually came from a garbage picker named Nicholas Gomez who brought a piece of trash that looked like a violin to Chavez.

This not only led to the creation of instruments made out of garbage but also a children’s orchestra known as “The Landfill Harmonic”.

#6 Bruce Lee Recreation by Bernard Pras


Bernard Pras made a name for himself by recreating iconic and well-known pieces of art using found objects. The most famous of his composite portraits has got to be his recreation of Bruce Lee comprised out of random objects.

#7 Metro Card Mosaics by Nina Boesch


Cities house people from many different walks of life, and many of these people come together when using public transportation.

A necessity for those who live in sprawling urban jungles, train systems keep cities across the world running.
Which is why these mosaics made from discarded Metro cards depicting various New York city landmarks feels like an appropriate tribute.

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