The Scariest Thing About Horror Films Are These 7 Overused Tropes. They Need To Go ASAP.

Horror movies are bread and butter of cynics and adventure junkies. We thrive on this shit. Mainly because we like to challenge ourselves and poke fun at the plot.

I proudly call myself a horror movie buff. I love everything about it. When others like to unwind with a comedy, I prefer horror. Over the years, I’ve watched a bunch of movies, great ones and the bad ones and I’ve come to an observation. The observation that these tropes are overused and exploited to death.

#1. A family buys a new house that is always haunted

The Conjuring 2

How is everyone finding these creepy houses? Is no one doing background checks anymore before buying the house? Granted, that you don’t always get proper information but shouldn’t you be suspicious of big houses being sold at cheaper rates? Do these people not know how real estate works?! To be honest, such stupidity does deserve a good haunting.

Movies: Insidious, Poltergeist, Conjuring, The Grudge


#2. How come all of these folks have a haunted toy

The Boy

Do they get that in Happy Meal? Because it is all too common!

Toys are creepy in general. Especially that porcelain one or the one with red hair and giant eyes. There is something inherently wrong with people who gift it. Movies with toys are overrated. It is obvious that it is haunted, there is no shock value left anymore. We get it, the fucking toy is possessed by evil spirits. There are 10 other movies with the same trope, can we FINALLY move on from it?

Movies: Annabelle, The Boy, Child’s Play


#3. Psychopath killer on a rampage

The Hills Have Eyes (1977)

The human brain likes reason. When you present them with a psychopath killer who kills for no reason at all, there is little to keep the audience intrigued. Unless they like the blood and gore, the theme gets old. Unless brilliant cinematography and atmospheric tension are used making it scary, these movies usually are overdone.

Movies: Saw, The Strangers, The Hills Have Eyes


#4. Child getting possessed left and right

The Omen (2006)

We get it. Children are vulnerable therefore easier to possess. Can we not use them as scapegoats for horror. What filmmakers can do is go full-on go Lord Of The Flies with the children. Children Of the Corn – a horror film featuring kids as the villain – does a great job of this. They tap into the psychology and cult aspect to make it disturbing.

Movies: The Omen, Damien: Omen II, Child’s Play, Insidious, Annabelle


#5. Supernatural beasts popping out of nowhere

The Wolfman

Vampires and werewolves are overdone. There have hardly been rebooted to bust the common tropes in Hollywood horror films.  What we need is a new and spookier take on vampires and werewolves that don’t revolve around garlic and silver bullets. Let Me In does a great job of it.

Movies: Daybreakers, The Wolfman


#6.Everything happens in the dark


You know what will give you a good scare? Creepy things happening in the broad daylight! I’ve had enough of movies that take place in the dark. I remember watching a bunch of them and squinting to see anything on the screen. Good horror is the one which will make you piss in the daylight. Let’s try to move on from the cliche shall we, it is a challenge but can be done.

Movies: Insidious, Annabelle, The Boy


#7. Teenagers being generally dumb

13 Ghosts

Everyone’s been an utter moron as teenagers but teenagers in horror movies take the trophy. They play occult and supernatural games that mess with spirits and ghouls. They know better, yet they are possessed with curiosity that is bound to doom them. Filmmakers need to address that teenagers aren’t as dumb as they are shown in the film, dramatic yes, but not stupid.

Movies: Urban Legends, House of Wax, Ouija, 13 Ghosts


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