7 Undisputed Hollywood ‘Classics’ Everyone Lies About Having Seen

The word ‘classic’ doesn’t mean as much as it used to, but it still does have a mildly prestigious ring to it. And the one place it gets mercilessly used is when it’s being used to describe films.

Films that are cinematic masterpieces from ages past that encapsulate the time period that prompted their creation.
They’re beautifully crafted, they’re masterclasses in acting. They’re enduring.  They’re a bunch of other adjectives that people find on review websites because they’ve not really seen them, but by god, are willing to lie that they have.

And as an art student, the author of this article has been exposed to similar lies and propagated some herself.
So here are 7 iconic films that people love to lie about having seen.

#1 Psycho


The best part of Hitchcock’s legacy, Psyho has inspired a whole host of literal and spiritual successors. From its tone to playing with conventions, Psycho is one of the rare ‘must-watch’ films that can be watched multiple times without dozing off half-way through.

But for the squeamish or just the disinclined, it will remain one of their favourite slasher flicks.  Even if they didn’t make it past the first ten minutes.

#2 To Kill A Mockingbird


Courtroom dramas are not for everyone. At least not more traditional ones. Sunny Deol yelling at a judge is all well and good, but there might be many who aren’t in the mood for intelligent sounding arguments made in a civilised manner. With a heavy helping of racism thrown in for good measure.

Don’t worry though, as long as you’re not a thriving member of the KKK, it’s relatively easy to fake your way through a conversation about this film. Atticus Finch good, racists bad.

#3 Citizen Kane


There are far, far too many people who know this film is arguably one of the best of all time with absolutely no clue as to why. And considering there are more than enough people willing to go on about how this movie is the absolute best – we’re here to say we totally understand why you didn’t get through it.

It’s long, a little full of itself and (). Just Google Rosebud to successfully trick people into thinking you’re a fan of Orson Wells’ masterpiece.

#4 Gone With The Wind


We’re going to sidetrack here for a bit.
I personally hadn’t seen this film till I was about 17. And the first time I watched it, it felt like slowly walking through 4 feet of jelly. Awkward, slow and saccharine. The movie demands a second viewing, especially from 21st-century audiences who aren’t used to 20 minute long overtures and a movie unashamed of its 4-hour runtime.

But there’s not much to it. A really clever but selfish lady meets a really clever and selfish man and it takes 2 hours for him and 4 hours for her to realize they’re in love.

#5 12 Angry Men


The quintessential crime film, the movie examines just how subjective justice can be when people’s inherent prejudices come into play. Probably the most accessible film on this list, it’s tight, brilliantly acted and aged very gracefully.

Which is why it’s weird that people still refuse to give it a watch.

#6 Bonny And Clyde


If heist films ever happen to be mentioned this is the one that’s inevitably brought up. A brilliant portrayal of desperation and crime, Bonnie and Clyde is a grim look at the consequences of a life that looks easy but only from the outside.

Scandalously violent for its time, the film has been overshadowed by arguably better movies that look at the same subject with a critical eye. If it comes up in conversation though, think Bunty and Babli but if they died at the end.

#7 Casablanca


Good grief, this one. The iconic and often unwatched Casablanca left behind a legacy so large, most people forgot about the film itself. An epic romance set against the background of World War II sounds a bit cheesy now, but back in the 40’s, the film was refreshingly unique and remains effortlessly watchable.

Or we suppose so, because it’s the one film the author still can’t be persuaded to watch.

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