These 7 Facts About Coffee Will Make You Want To Get Some Caffeine In Your System Right Away

Did you know that coffee is actually a fruit and people used to eat caffeine?


Coffee is the most amazing beverage ever, isn’t it? It is the caffeine that runs through coffee lover’s blood! We don’t see the time before we have a finely brewed cup! There is so much more history and facts behind the drink. We bet you didn’t know these 7 facts about coffee.

#1 Coffee’s original definition means wine.

Coffee 1

The word ‘coffee’ originated from ‘qwahah‘ which means wine in Yemen. The Turkish further called it ‘kahveh‘, then the Dutch called it ‘koffie’ and that’s how we got ‘coffee’.

#2 Shepherds had discovered coffee in 800 AD

C 5

Yes, the goat herders discovered coffee! It’s a legend, they noticed that the goats were acting crazy after eating coffee berries. They shared their knowledge with the monks and they made liquid coffee from the beans and the rest is history.

#3 It was originally a food.

C 4

Way before flavored cakes, and chocolates of the same flavor. The coffee berries were turned into small energy balls.

#4 There have been 5 attempts to ban it, we feel rebellious!

c 3

There’s a charge sheet! They couldn’t ban coffee obviously! Italy had banned it as the clergy men believed it was “Satanic”. The people in Mecca believed it stimulated radical thinking. You can know more here.

#5 Coffee drinkers have the lower risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

C 2

Studies have proved that older people with higher levels of caffeine in their blood had a better immune system than the ones who didn’t.

#6 Just smelling coffee can wake you up.

c 1

Scientists have proved that smelling coffee can activate the genes in your brain and also when you drink coffee the caffeine reaches your blood in 10 minutes.

#7 100 years ago, Turkish woman could divorce their husbands if they couldn’t provide them coffee.

Arab coffee

Now that’s a reason to get divorced, isn’t it? It was legal for a woman to divorce a man if he didn’t get her coffee every day.

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