6 Creepy Games To Get Some Fun On Your Nightout With Friends This Weekend

It’s Friday the 13th! Western superstition says that when 13 meets a Friday, it’s unlucky, inauspicious and spooky enough scare the shit out of you!  However, for those of us who have always gone an extra mile to find a logical solution to everything, how about taking this weekend on an eerie night out with some crazy games that seem to have something sinister about them. So if you ain’t scared to try them out, remember to be serious, for we don’t want you messing out with

Do we believe in these games and even the fact that this Friday is supernatural? Well, not exactly! But what harm is some extra information from the other side of the world. So, we’re saying, ditch the horror movies for a day and let you and your friends get into some real time action with these 8 creepy games that are too unpractical to be true, but, who knows?

1. Charlie Charlie

How about having some chit chat with Charlie? This one requires two pencils, kept one above the other on a piece of paper, to make a cross. Name two quarters as ‘YES’ and other two as ‘No’. Now, you recite the phrase “Charlie, Charlie, are you here?” And if the pencil moves, there’s your answer, Charlie is all yours! Uhh, okay, but how does Charlie leave?Let us know if you find out!


2. The Three Kings

This one needs you to shut yourself at 3:30 am in a room with two mirrors placed on the chairs in front of each other. You should sit on a chair in between the other two chairs. That makes you the king on the throne with the mirrors being your queen and fool.


3. The Dark Reflection Ritual

This one ritual is meant to find you good luck, however, it ain’t an easy task to accomplish. For this, hold a small mirror in your hand as you look into the eye of your reflection with all the negative energy you have. Breathe on the mirrors till it fogs. Then hold it on a burning flame until a black smudge appears. Smash the mirror. Throughout the night, bad luck will follow you, increasing the level of threat to your life. If you make it through the night, good luck is all yours.


4. The Telephone Ritual

This one needs you to be alone at home with enough time and patience for you to stare into the depths of your toilet for an extended time.  Turn off the lights and make a line of salt outside the bathroom. Take a flashlight and your phone, and lock yourself in the toilet. Make a call on your home number. If someone picks up, hang up, the game is on.


5. The Answer Man

This one requires 10 players to sit in a circle with their phones in their hand. Each one of the players should make a call to the person sitting to the left, making sure everyone presses the send button at the same time. Most probably, everyone is going to get a busy tone, but one of the players might get connected to the ‘answer man’. With every question you ask, there will be one question you would have to answer. And if he is not happy with your answer, hell breaks loose.


6. One Person Hide And Seek

Love playing hide and seek? Well, this one might be on your list. The other player is a stuffed doll or animal where you take turns to find each other. If the doll is not able to find you, you will have to find the doll to end the game.


So which one of these are you ticking off the list tonight? Well, jokes apart, let’s not get into the playing part! We are already scared to death with the fact that these games actually exist! Do they work? Well, we don’t want to get into that!

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