6 Rare Medical Conditions That Can Actually Turn You Into A Super Human

When it comes to the anatomy of the human brain, there are as many possibilities in the universe, as there are neurons carrying messages in the human body. Science has time and again tried to understand the functionality of a human brain, and every time it leaves us appalled. We might know and accept psychological conditions, but we are yet to unfold how the brain really works. Just like these 5 rare medical conditions where the patient can look like someone straight out of X men series!

1. Hyperthymesia/Super Memory

Sometimes, it is a boon to be able to forget. People with hyperthymesia have an abnormally high memory and can remember the minutest of details of their lives. They display an uncanny recalling power of the events from the past. Till 2016, only 6 people in the world have this condition.


2. Congenital Analgesia

There are a total of 40 cases of people in a village in Sweden who cannot feel physical pain, but just a slight touch. The condition though doesn’t have any mental effect but is dangerous since people don’t realize they are hurting, especially children if they ever get injuries or so.


3. Savant Syndrome

This is a rare condition which is most visible in people with autism and Asperger syndrome. Such people are extremely talented in music, painting, calculations, cartography, and constructing 3D models and can almost do everything and anything. They are often quoted as “Savant Geniuses”. One person could draw a detailed map of London after just one flight across the city.


4. Lipodystrophy/ No Weight Gain

People with lipodystrophy have an inborn tendency to burn fat at an incredible rate by producing 6 times more insulin. No matter what they eat or keep feeding themselves with, they won’t gain weight. This also keeps them on their toes for eating all the time and people think that this is a ‘Slimmer’s dream’.


5. Natural Insulation To Cool

Wim Hof, a Dutchman puzzled the entire science fraternity when he stayed immersed in ice for 120 minutes, climbed Mont Blanc dressed in nothing but shorts, and even swam under the ice of frozen reservoirs. This makes him a rare human who is averse to feeling cold and has a natural tendency to beat the chill.


6. Urbach—Wiethe disease/ Absence Of Fear

This is a rare genetic disorder where there is a complete absence of fear. Till date, 300 cases are known. People with this condition have no ability to sense danger and hence can sometimes find themselves in lethal situations. Spiders, night attacks, threats, knives, nothing scares them.


Isn’t it surprising how a single neuron if gone haywire can create conditions that are sometimes beyond the understanding of medical science?

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