6 Insanely Beautiful Women Pilots Who Are Ruling Instagram From The Skies!

Everything related to planes is mesmerizing, isn’t it? When it comes to flying up in the air, there is a different kind of adrenaline to it. Flight travels have their own personal glamour attached to them. And how about the one who’s flying the airplane? Well, pilots have one of the coolest jobs in the world. Adding to their niche talent of flying is their super gorgeous uniform! And now imagine the same being done by a woman? How would you feel if you know your flight is in the hands of an extremely pretty lady?

Do you know that of all the pilots in the world, there are just 5000 women pilots who actually fly?

Well, that calls for these 6  women pilots who are not only good in flying but have also been ruling Instagram from up above the skies!

1. Madeleine Schneider-Weiffenbach

Pilot Madeleine from Germany has an Instagram following of around 750,000 followers and is an official globetrotter. A trained pilot, she is currently a travel blogger who is also looking for a job in the aviation stream.

In my element ✈️🌍 #avgeek #femalepilot @qatarairways

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Her Instagram profile is full of her jet-set lifestyle, often flaunting pictures of the cockpit and exotic locations.

2. Michelle Gooris

The Dutch pilot has been flying for Ryanair for four years when she uploaded a live video of her first flight that garnered her 1.8 million views on YouTube. She has not around 86k followers on Instagram where she documents all the beautiful places she gets to travel owing to her Boeing 737.

✈️Fuerteventura to ☀️Verona☀️❤️👌🏻

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While her Instagram feed looks like she is enjoying the beaches all the time, flying a passenger jet is a good amount of responsibility, something she loves to do.

✈️Do you see all these buttons on the long horizontal panel above the ‘television screens’ (Mode Control Panel)?🤔 They are pushed to get the desired modes for the autopilot flight director system and auto throttle, or ‘autopilot’. 👨🏻‍✈️👩🏻‍✈️These buttons will illuminate to indicate a new selection. The modes which are actually engaged are shown in green on the top of the primary flight display (PFD)😘They are called flight mode annunciators and are super important😌 You can 👉🏻 any button as much as you want but if the indication is not on the PFD, the mode is not engaged! ☹️ That is why when you push something, you immediately look at your PFD and call the FMA out loud. Do you get it? 👌🏻😎 Sorry for all the abbreviations guys! 😉

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If you ever wondered how the mechanics of flying a commercial plane work, hers is the profile you should be following right away!

3. Eser Aksan Erdogan

The 31-year-old Turkish pilot flies for Pegasus Airlines and has flown a Boeing 737 to different locations in Europe and the middle east. As she flies across countries, her Instagram account is updated with her travel and lifestyle stories.

Not only does she share the beautiful locales that he job takes her to, she also takes us through the cockpit and sometimes shows the world a glimpse from up above the sky!

4. Maria Pettersson

During the day she is busy watching the world from 38,000 ft and by night she turns into a world wandered and dreamer. Airline pilot and lifestyle blogger, Maria’s Instagram profile is a concoction of travel and fashion.

With perfect brand collaborations and photoshoots, she is actually living life in both worlds!

5. Malin Osiban Rydqvist

Malin is a Swedish pilot and yogi who’s Instagram pictures are a virtual tour of all things good in the world. Her profile takes your from snow-capped mountains to the tropical beaches, with Malin clicking selfies through the cockpit whenever she flies. She also is an avid biker!

On top of that, there’s too much beauty splattered all over her account!

Adventure time ⚡️

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6. Maria Fagerström

She flies a B737 airline plane and is an avid adventurer and life lover. Her Instagram account boasts 362k followers as she makes a visual journal of her travel tours, luxurious stays and a life that would make you want to crib about yours!

Would you want to trade your life with hers? I would love to!

Well, no doubt that pilots get to travel a lot but every blog that we expressed how they trade off their holidays, birthdays and special days for a spectacular office view and infinite globe trotting.

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