6 Epic Comic Book Storylines That Might Come To Life Now That Disney Bought Fox

Marvel is the hottest name in global entertainment at the moment and its all thanks to the magical wallets of Disney.

The House of Mouse has acquired almost everyone and everything in entertainment and still, they yearn for access to Fox’s IPs which will finally allow the entirety of the Marvel cinematic universe to come to fruition. With the X-Men and Fantastic Four being officially acquired, there’s no end to the awesome things we will get to see on screen.

Because at the end of Infinity War, they’re going to need new and fresh stories that the deal with Fox will definitely give them access to.

#1  The Hulk Eats Wolverine in Old Man Logan 


Old Man Logan has already technically been brought to the screen. But in the comic book, the Hulk plays a significant role as well. As founder of the Hulk gang a far grittier and more brutal version of Bruce Banner.

Members of the Hulk gang kill Wolverine’s family and having had enough of them, Wolverine goes on a glorious killing spree murdering each member till he gets to the Hulk himself. Following a long battle, the Hulk eats
Wolverine. But Wolverine just bursts out of him a while later, killing the Hulk in a gooey mess.


Let’s not pretend that wouldn’t have made sombre thinkpiece like Logan ten times better.

#2 Deadpool Kills Everybody in Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe

The Marvel universe consists of multiverses and unlike the DC multiverses, they don’t take themselves all that seriously.

And in each universe, there is a Deadpool and each one is a special snowflake. Like Lady Deadpool or Pandapool, or even disembodied head Deadpool. And all of them come together in the iconic but kinda stupid storyline – Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe.

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When a Deadpool from one of these universes goes on a killing spree after a mental breakdown, it’s up to the rest of them to stop him. Because of they don’t, he threatens to tear apart the fabric of reality itself.


You want to see Ryan Reynold cut Iron Man’s smug head off on screen, you know you do.

#3 Scarlett Witch Almost Kills Everybody in House Of M

Unlike the gore and fun of the last two entries, House of M is depressing. It’s cool and full of drama and intrigue and stuff, but really really depressing.


After the death of her husband Vision and her twin children, Scarlett Witch – who is way more powerful in the comics than she’s ever been on screen – loses her mind. She keeps creating universes where her husband and children are alive. Eventually reshaping reality entirely and granting everyone’s wishes.


Considering the MCU hasnt’ attempted an outright family drama since Thor, watching Wolverine slowly discover the lies of the world around him and how dangerous the mutants really can be would be great to watch. But like we mentioned before, so very sad.

#4 The Avengers Can Fight The X Men like in AvX

Any fan of the X-Men films knows what the Phoenix force can do. A destructive energy that takes a hold of an individual using them for their power and potential. And when the Phoenix force takes over the X-Men, the Avengers must try and stop them.


The story is as complicated as one would imagine, but it does include Captain America and Wolverine in an all-out fight and nobody’s favourite X-Man Cyclops becoming all-powerful before he’s beaten to a pulp. Also Professor X dies, again.


So if you want to watch Civil War except with way more magical powers, this would make a great film that Marvel could attempt in two parts.

#5 Deadpool And Thanos Keep Hitting On Death

In the Marvel Universe, Death is a palpable entity. She’s a nice lady with a skull for a face.

Now, back when Deadpool was being tortured and almost killed, he saw death looming over him multiple times. So many times in fact, that he fell in love with her. But the entire time, Thanos, the purple man on a chair also fell in love with Lady Death.


In fact, so much so that he actually tried to gather the Infinity Stones so that he can kill enough people to impress her, going so far as to give her a “bouquet of souls”. Just like the tipsy 40 year old at a bar, Thanos doesn’t get the hint that a lady just isn’t interested.

But when Death picks Deadpool, Thanos actually gets so mad, he curses him to be immortal. So he and Death can never be together.


If you don’t want to see this incredibly awkward love triangle play out on screen, there’s nothing left in the world that can impress you.

#6 Spiderman And Deadpool Can Buddy Up

We’re not going to say anything. We’re just going to show you a bunch of epic jokes the two come up with. Far more romantic than any other pairing Marvel could possibly come up with.

Like when they don’t agree on things – 


 When they can’t stop the trivial banter.

When Deadpool knows what the fans want.

When they both have questionable taste.

You know what, well forgive if absolutely none of this happens as long as they can give us a decent Fantastic Four movie without weird looking Dr Doom or weirder looking contact lenses.

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