5 Recent Times Supreme Court Has Proved To Be A Real Badass To All Things Wrong In India!

We might have started the year trolling ‘not so poor’ Anant Ambani and mob fires in Mumbai, but the year has definitely started on a good note with laws in India. Supreme Court has been trying to be a real badass in the country by bringing in much-needed changes, creating rules and laws that appear to have finally struck a chord with the public. It is as if the judiciary body has decided to just be done with all things wrong and get hell-bent on bringing some change.

Here are 5 recent developments where Supreme Court proved that India’s judiciary is perhaps in the right hands.

1. No more National Anthem at the cinemas

Clearly, watching a movie is not the right time to show your love for the country, even if the movie is ‘Border’. As per court’s orders in 2016, people must ‘stand up’ for the national anthem in cinemas. This was done in accordance with the flag code of the Indian constitution.


However, now, Supreme Court has been a ‘Bae’ enough to understand when it finally put off the restriction on cinema halls to play the national anthem before every movie.

2. Promising revisits to section 377

Just in time for the new year, Supreme Court declared that it will revisit section 377 that puts a ban on homosexuality in India. The SC panel of three judges Chief Justice Dipak Misra, firmly believes that no one should live in fear of their sexuality and will be revisiting Section 377, the 1861 law that criminalizes sexual activities “against the order of nature”.


3. Supreme Court allows abortion of a 31-week fetus

In September 2017, SC gave a verdict in favor of a 13-year-old rape survivor, allowing an abortion of a 31-week old fetus, given that both the girl and the baby were in grave danger. In the same year, SC allowed another abortion, this time a Pune girl with a 24-week old fetus, that had no skull and would have died eventually owing to no treatment available.


4. No more Lal Battis for VIP stature

One of the biggest highlights was the ban that SC put on using red beacon lights on VIP vehicles, keeping them only for the President, Prime Minister and the Chief Justice of India. Adding to that, was the over sweetened tweet by PM Modi saying, “Every Indian is special. Every Indian is a VIP! ”


5. Scrapped ban on women’s entry in temples

With an empathetic verdict last year, SC removed all bans on women not being allowed to enter temples and other worshipping places. According to SC, it undermines gender equality and the fundamental right of women. Well, thank God!


Well, it appears that one leg of the four-legged democracy is doing its job just fine!

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