5 Of The World’s Most Deadly Places That Are Still Inhabited By People

Danger is everywhere. You can slip off your bathroom, fall off your stairs or even get struck by lightning. Death is always lurking around, isn’t it? And yet we think we have finally settled in a secure building, with a watchman that sleeps most of the night, a double latch door, and an impeccable alarm system. But certain people have made it their life’s motive to settle down around danger. These 5 places are world’s most dangerous locales and yet they don’t scare of their inhabitants who are still roaming alive, and not leaving home.

1. Chernobyl’s Exclusion Zone

In 1986, a disaster occurred in the nuclear reactor number 4 in Chernobyl. When radioactive clouds were seen as far as Sweden, the soviet union declared an exclusion zone within a radius of 18 miles around the nuclear power plant.


The area is now a desolate abandoned landmass of towns and villages, now almost 1000 miles. Despite the fact that the area is strictly off limits, 180 residents came back to live full time to die in peace. Other than that, the area is now majorly run on tourism, with a hotel, a bar, a post office and a supermarket too.


2. City Of The Dead

With the growing population and housing crisis in Cairo, Egypt, the only option left for the people was to inhabit the city’s cemeteries. The arrangement is illegal but inexpensive and the only option for people who won’t leave the place unless relocated. An estimated half a million people live amidst the graveyards, cooking around the tombs and literally living with the dead.


3. The refugee camp on a minefield

When you escape a war, you might want a safe harbor but people the refugee camp of Gulan is different than other shitty tent places. The camp is located on a life minefield. The site was earlier unoccupied, being a massive last-resort battle between the mujahideen and the Soviet army in the late 1980s.


The place is filled with land mines with around 24,000 inhabitants as of now. And what is the most surprising thing? Despite the area being a live wire, not a single person has died due to the mines!


In 2014, Halo Trust de-mining organization spent 12 months in extracting around 1000 explosives from the sight.

4. Village of deadly snakes

The village of Musharu in India is located in a place that is brimming with deadly venomous snakes. But this doesn’t stop the people from living their normal life. The villagers consider the snakes as an incarnation of goddess Jhankeswari, which allows only members of a certain Brahmin family to touch them.


People do not give them a  lot of attention, as the snakes don’t ‘usually’ bite. In case they do, the villagers think a dip in the pond, some mud and a little fasting will be more than enough.

5. The village on an active volcano

For the inhabitants of  Aogashima, the very fact that they are sleeping on an active volcano doesn’t bother them. Though the volcano hasn’t exploded for 230 years, the 200 residents of the village feel it safe, despite the volcano being declared ‘active’ by  Japanese Meteorological Agency.


Talking about the positives, the island has natural hot baths, free cooking pots, and amazing hiking trails.

Would you dare to settle down here?

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