In Case You Missed Them, Here Are First 5 Chapters Of ‘Meri Pyaari Bindu’ To Prep You Up For The Movie

Amongst the Bollywood stories that are hitting the screens in 2017, if there is one story that has kept us waiting, it’s ‘Meri Pyaari Bindu’. Right from the first look to dropping the trailer, the Ayushmann Khurana and Parineeti Chopra starrer had everything different about it! In fact, the movie didn’t even give us its official trailer in the usual way, dropping it off like a bomb, but in a series of 5 chapters, gluing the public to the screens for five full days!

No wonder, every chapter has been worth the wait, giving us subtle hints about the story, yet keeping us on the hook for the movie. But just in case you didn’t manage to get all of them, here we are, at your service, getting all the five chapter right here, under one roof for a seamless watch!

Chapter One: Samosa Aur Chutney

There is no limit to the cuteness overload that this chapter was. Set in Bengal, the first chapter has Bindu ushering in little Abhi’s life like a hawa ka jhonka, all thanks to samosa aur chutney!

Chapter Two: Gabbar Aur Sambha

And so start the unlimited stints of Bindu and Abhi through their college days. He, the innocent guy who has no clue of the world and Bindu, the stormy rebel, who has a jugaad for everything in the world.

Chapter Three: Kalkatte Ki Madonna

Meet Bindu Shankar Naraynan, the future Madonna! Get a whiff of Disco 82 as Abhi gets entangles, god knows how into Bindu’s ambition and dreams! And, guess, what Abhi’s ‘Dak Naam’ is- Bubla!

Chapter Four: Bindu vs Maa

Bindu, the ‘2 Ring wali Padosan’ is on top of Maa’s hit list! And why not, who won’t love a girl who gives Tamil voiceovers for maximum pleasure!

Chapter Five: Mix Tape

And another episode of Abhi and Bindu’s unlimited masti, putting their lifelong memories into a mix tape with their favorite songs, only to leave it incomplete.

What would their story be? Well, 12th May ain’t so far to find out!

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