20 Glaring Mistakes in Kal Ho Naa Ho That’ll Make You Watch The Movie Again

Yeh movie mai kaafi problem hai 

When I first watched Kal Ho Naa Ho, I absolutely loved the film. It was the first film of Karan Johar (I know this movie is directed by Nikhil Advani but the script is by Karan Johar) which made me cry. It was a really good movie and I made sure that everyone in my family watched it.

But now that I’ve watched it again after a long time, I couldn’t help but wonder about the basic rationale that was missing in the film.

1. How can Naina cover all of New York in her morning jog?

Naina’s morning jog covered from Central Park to Manhattan to Tribeca. How does she do that? I don’t think anyone can actually jog that long. Also, a small trivia, the part where we see Naina running in the film, it’s actually a body double. Preity Zinta had fallen and injured herself while shooting. So, the director got a model to jog for the scene.

2. Crying every morning

If you carefully notice there is a scene in which Naina comes home and Jenny asks whether she was crying. She obviously lies. But her next sentence had me “Whaaat!”. Naina says that the very lie is her daily routine. While I understand that the family has big issues and have a lot to deal with, but I, somehow found quite amusing that the mother-daughter duo, has a same crying spot and time.

3. How can everyone hear Daadi’s bhajan?

We agree that the Daadi and her gang didn’t sing well and it was a torture to listen to them sing on a daily basis. But what I didn’t understand was – how can their voice be heard inside the Church?

They didn’t use loudspeakers. How much of the nuisance can she be? Even Gyan from Doremon sings with a mike.

4. Why do they have the same fight over food?

Every day, they have one common problem. Breakfast. If Jennifer gives cereal and milk for breakfast and daadi wants Indian food, why can’t she teach her or make one for her self? Daadi’s friend can also help for that matter. Also, if they regularly fight on daily basis, why do they need to place a bet on this? Obviously, Naina would lose.

5. Where does Naina go for the whole day?

So we see Naina leaving her house without having any breakfast and then she gets coffee with Sweetu. We are then later shown that she has an evening class of MBA. What does she do the whole day? Aren’t the evening class for working people?

6. Why can’t Jenny tell the truth about her husband’s death?

Lajjo ji has a problem with Gia. She thinks that because Jenny adopted her, she was a curse and ends up hitting her every now and then. So, my big question is, why can’t Jenny tell Lajjo the truth? If they are fighting about just one thing, that’s his son’s death, the simple explanation would have really helped the family to bond in fact. The whole series of violence, taunts, and everything would stop

7. This makes no sense at all.

Sweetu is telling Naina to look at that guy and Frankie sings -“Look at me, I am out of control”.

Can someone tell me on what range of telepathy were they?

8. If Jenny doesn’t even get 5 customers a day, how are they paying for anything?

Okay, I am pretty sure this wasn’t the first time Jazz(Jaswinder Kapoor) let the customers go because of a small issue.

But my major question was that if they don’t even get 5 customers a day, forget the rent or the lease, how are they paying for groceries?

9. Jazz’s vanity seems stupid because even she is a business partner of the restaurant

I don’t understand how their finance work. If Jazz is Jenny’s business partner, even she has the same financial problem. She must have lots and lots of bills to pay. So I guess, vanity would be the last thing on anyone’s mind.

10. How can New York have 3 kinds of weather in 24 hours?

So it was raining in the evening, snowing in the night and in the very next morning, it was summer. I can understand that the next morning it didn’t snow but I am assuming that the weather would be really cold and not like summer. There were no traces of snow on the streets and the kids on the street were wearing clothes as if there is no cold at all.

11. Can’t Naina be more specific about the flat number of her house?

Naina is always complaining how postman always gets confused between the two Kapoors/Kapurs. The letters get delivered to the wrong house most of the time. So I think that at least she would have a little common sense to tell Rohit about the specific flat number. Also, how stupid is Rohit? Can’t he for once, cross-check the flat number? 

12. Aman and Rohit are jerks

Aman wants her to smile, have fun and enjoy. That’s a pretty good advice but then they consider her a bore because she doesn’t drink or dance. What a jerk!

13. If they are broke, how do they have money to do a makeover? Can someone please explain this?

They don’t have money to pay rent and they barely have any customers. So can someone explain me this that how did they have money to renovate the restaurant? A complete makeover in fact! Secondly, their food might be really good but to end up with so many customers, takes time. Word of mouth takes the longest. So how did they end up having so many customers without marketing?

And oh, a trivia, in the second image you can see Farah Khan sitting in the restaurant.

14. How come they didn’t know about Aman’s relationship’s status?

When someone becomes an integral part of your life and you spend time with them for the majority of the day, you might end up asking them about their relationship status. Secondly, the moment you start liking someone, the first thing you would want to know whether they are single or not. Naina was proposing him without knowing whether he was single or married. She just assumed that he was single.

15. No store would take the dress after it was drenched in rain!

Okay. The rule number one when it comes to returning the clothes is that you can’t wear it/wash it. Naina was returning the dress after she wore it for the whole day. As far as we know, no store would have ever taken that.

16. This has to be one of the most toxic relationships I’ve ever seen on the big screen.

So at one point in time, she is crying that she can’t forget him and within 6 days, she is ready to accept Rohit as more than friends? Is Naina so twisted that she can forget the love of her life and fall in love with Rohit in just six days? WTF!

17. I would never want to be a part of this date

When Rohit and Naina go on their first date, Rohit proposes her. His first sentence was that he knows that she doesn’t love him but is sure that she will do so in future.

Does this make an iota of sense to you? Couldn’t he date her like a normal person? What kind of a date is this?

18. Aman doesn’t call for help when he get’s an attack because he’s a grade A dumbfuck.

When he falls down, he gets up and goes to his house. Walking.

He is getting a heart attack and he doesn’t bother to inform anyone. WOW. Is he that desperate to die?

19. Which hospital allows the patient to remove the IV strip and leave?

That a terminally ill patient can simply rip off his IV and breeze out of the hospital without filling any forms or anything. No doctor would allow that.

20. Can anyone explain me this logic?

Both the parents are Indians but their daughter is white. Can someone explain that to me?

Kal Ho Naa Ho released today, 14 years ago. While we love and adore the film for what it is, we could no longer ignore the logical fallacies it comes along with. What are your observations from the movie?

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