20 Places On Earth That Have Most Depressing Names; Yes They Are On Google Maps For Real

If you thought some places are depressing, you haven’t read about these other places that have really sad names.

And I do mean sad names. If you think Indian cities and towns have weird nomenclature, at least they don’t sound as diffident as these other places.

An Instagram account Sad Topographies has made it its mission to name and shame depressing places. It’s pretty serious about it because the follower count is whopping 82.8k. 

Don’t believe me? Have a look!

#1.  Life is this place. Le sigh.

#2. M. Night Shyamalan loves this lake.

#3. My friends think I live here.

#4. My spirit was born here.

#5. When your friend is on the fence, he is probably chilling here.

#6. Well, that escalated quickly!

#7. Just look at the shape, it is terribly off-putting.

#8. That is the question.

#9. Stephen King was here. (geddit?)

#10. Most of us will probably drown here.

#11. Imagine, walking on this road, alone. Wouldn’t that be so meta?

#12. Who wants to visit this place?

#13. Is it end of the month already?

#14. Sigh.

#15. Is it wrong if I want to tattoo this on my skin.

#16. Et tu?

#17. No wonder it is surrounded by water.

#18. Okie.

#19. So it is a plateau?

#20. The cape was worn by Batman.

(joke as disappointing as this cape)

Earth is a sad place to live guys.

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