2 Foreigners In Bollywood Nail The Average Angry Indian Driver With Their Video Punjabis In Traffic

We’ve all been stuck in trafffic. yelling and being yelled at. ‘Tis the Indian way. But 2 goras have absolutely nailed the behaviour of every angry driver you’ve come across in their hilarious video Punjabis in Traffic.


Johan and Hampus are business graduates who are taking a shot at hitting it off in Bollywood and have scored roles in films like Banjo and Rustom. The funda here seems simple – there’s too much that we take for granted in our and it takes a pair of not-brown eyes to really point out just how insane we can be as a country.

Which is why driving’s not all though they’ve made fun of.

They’re slaying at just about everything Indian. From our ridiculous swagger –

Punjabis In Traffic

To the vendors outside every single station.

To their awesome tribute to the Singh.

Punjabis In Traffic

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We think that these guys are definitely in with a chance. Check out their stuff on their Facebook page and YouTube for even more hilarious observations.

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