15 Tweets That Explain The Situation In Mumbai Right Now To The Rest Of The Country

Mumbai has been brought to a halt and tensions are rising as protests have spread across the city.

A situation which began when violence broke at at celebrations taking place near Pune have escalated in the last two days. The inciting incident occured when right wing groups bearing saffron flags allegedly attacked the gathering celebrating the 1818 war between British and Peshwa forces.

The victory was that of the British, however, Dalit leaders were thought to be a contributing factor to the Pesha defeat, which is why the celebrations havebeen going strong since 1927. Reportedly, Dr. Ambedkar referred to it as a war against caste discrimination.

However, on the 200th anniversary of the battle taking place this Monday, right wing groups began torching vehicles and pelting the gathering, leading to the death of 28 year old Rahul Phatangale.

It was this death that has incited protests amongst various Dalit groups in both Mummbai and Pune. At the moment, the ongoing protests disrupted the day to day workings of the city, with Dalit leader Prakash Ambedkar having called a Maharashtra Bandh.

As many are scrambling to get to places, people have taken to Twitter to express their situation and help the rest of the city remain safe.
















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