15 Times Instagrammers Feared Nothing To Get That Perfect Click

We are the ‘selfie generation’ and we all have gone that extra mile to get that perfect click. However, would you risk your life to make sure your Instagram feed looks the best? While we are in no way in favour of risking your life for the sake of a picture, there are plenty of daredevils on Instagram who would fear nothing for the camera. While some have made this their passion to capture a perfect shot at a dangerous location, some have turned this into a full fledged profession. Climbing cliffs, dangling through the bridges and sometimes even doing acrobatics on a high rise building, these instagrammers have no fear of heights and play with fear as if it’s just a toy.

So buck up your spirits for these perfect clicks are going to send you through chilling anxities, and we arre wondering how do they even do it!

1. Rachele Brooke Smith wants to be on cloud nine as she performs yoga, and with cloud nine, she means it literally!

2. Viki Odintcova dangling off a sky scraped in Dubai is going to leave you asking..How? Why?

Full video (link in bio)! @a_mavrin #MAVRINmodels #MAVRIN #VikiOdintcova #Dubai

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But when you get to see the final result,

From reality Ph: @a_mavrin #MAVRIN #MAVRINmodels #VikiOdintcova #Dubai

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3. We are simply astounded by this video by olegcricket. And we don’t really think there is anything to be very proud of, when you’re doing that.


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4. Harry Gallagher treaded the roof of the second highest building in London,  One Canada Square in Canary Wharf.

New video up now! Rooftopping Canary Wharf! Link in my bio 📸 Shot by @hd.xr

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5. Jack Morris, standing on the edge of this building in Hong Kong leaves us wondering if they are superhumans in disguise?

Back in Bangkok for the next few days 😈

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6. Angela Nikolau taking this selfie was considered the most dangeorous selfie  by the British.

7.  The 390- foot-tall Moscow bridge is  the favourite spot for roof toppers,


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8. Pedra de Gavea in Rio de Janeiro, at a 2,762 feet above sea level, is one of the highest cliffs to open to a sea and despite its dangerous locations, some people just want to touch the sky! 

😱💪 👣👣 keeping myself warm in this freezing winter haha❄️❄️❄️ Rio de Janeiro

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Some like to take their photos at the edge of the cliff,

9. Kjeragbolten, a rock sandwiched between two cliffs and suspended over a 984 drop in Norway, is also one of the favourite places for Instagrammers to pose.

10. Wedding Cake Rock in Australia, can crack any minute as per the geologists. But this is not enough for tourists to strike a perfect pose, looking in the eye of danger. 

11. Potato Chip Rock in San Diego County, California, can crack any moment and yet some love to relax and bit and maybe contemplate!

Everything you've ever wanted is on the other side of fear❣️

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12. Preikestolen cliff in Norway is too beautiful to not take a risk worth a million likes, maybe.

13. Nataly dangling off a Las Vegas skyscraper is just one in a million pictures of hers with Murad Osmann getting clicked at some of the most dangerous spots. 

14. The 354-foot-tall Victoria Falls are one of the most slippery falls and despite that some instagrammes just love the adrenaline rush. Seriously?

Most Exhilarating Experience 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

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15. 3,000 feet in the air, Trolltunga in Norway, is another dangling spot for people who have no fear of death. 

Do you think this is an act of bravery? Are millions of likes worth putting your life at risk? We don’t think so.

*DailySocial in no way encourages or promotes such acts. People featured in the article take all forms of safety measures and are professionals in such shots. We highly disregard such daredevil acts to get one shot.*

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