These 15 Pictures Show The Other Side Of All Those Filters We Use On Social Media

It is so difficult to understand the people of ‘social media’. First, they shared pictures of themselves covered in filters and now they want to show the world how dark the story is behind all those filters. 


With times and trends constantly changing, it is so difficult to understand what the society wants to be seen as. The social media networks are now overflowing with a new trend where women decided to share with the world how they transform their bodies with filters and editing.

In today’s time, it will be a foolish act to believe everything that is shown to you and these 15 pictures prove the same:

1) It’s all about the right angle! 

2) A little photoshop is all you need sometimes! 

3) The difference that can be made by hair and makeup  

4) That’s me in the mirror and me on my selfie camera 

5) All hail filters!

6) This is why women like their hair long. 

7) Photoshop or magic? 

8) Just the perfect blend of makeup and filters 

9) Men, DO NO BELIEVE things that you are shown 

10) I can look 20 and 50 at the same time

11) Didn’t we speak about angles? 

12) No, this can not be the same 

13) The same person with just a lot of makeup

14) I refuse to believe that these two pictures are the same person. 

15) Selfie vs Candid

What do you have to say about this? Isn’t it better to embrace our imperfections instead of hiding them with all these filters, photoshop, and other techniques?
Share your views with us in the comment section!

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