15 Hilarious Reactions The Internet Has Had About ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Trailer

Not since Kim Kardashian balanced a wine glass on her butt has the internet been broken to this many tiny fragments of reactions. The reason? This little known indie kinda movie called The Avengers or something. You may have heard of it if you’ve interacted with people since last night.

So, when I say it got people, all over the globe, to react, these 15 tweets is what I mean. Hang on tight, perspective is going to hit you hard.

  1. Or Sanjay Dutt from Agneepath.

2. When you order a phone and receive Vim bar instead.

3. This was done to avoid Ragnarok spoilers. I came up with that all by myself.

4. Benedict Cumberbhaibhai

5. Imma kill you like one of my french girls.

6. Thanos is Modiji in disguise.

7. Feelings have been felt.

8. Could’ve bought a plot in Noida with all that movie ticket money.

9. Cap trying to bridge gaps since the second movie.

10. Saving the world, one brush stroke at a time.



13. Balls of iron.

14. The boy band has let itself go.

15. Boner inducing superheroes.

Fun fact: The Avengers movies have taken the story in a different direction from the comic books. Talk about distortion of history, amirite?

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Yash Kasotia

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