15 Facts About Adolf Hitler That History Books Didn’t Tell You

If we scroll through the pages of history, there have been quite a number of ruthless and cruel dictators that ruled nations. While we may have a lot of problems with our political system, but when you go through the bloodshed and wrongdoings of these dictators, democracy seems like a much better option. And if there is one dictator that almost everyone will be aware of, it is Adolf Hitler, the famous dictator of Germany and the man behind holocaust. Here are some surprising facts that would make you wonder if Hitler was, in fact, as strong as he looked at the surface.

1. Hitler farted a lot

Adolf Hitler, the name that made many shit their pants, actually had a flatulent stomach and farted a lot. His medical records revealed that he would take 28 different medicines and anti-gas pills.

2. Hitler took injections of bull semen

The Führer is also known to take injections of extracts of seminal vesicles, testis, and prostate of young bulls to increase his libido.

3. Hitler, really, had one testicle

As much as the song made it a familiar rumor, some long-lost medical records of the Nazi leader stated that he did suffer from “right-side cryptorchidism”, or an undescended right testicle.

4. Hitler was once nominated for the Nobel Prize for World Peace

What may seem as ironical now, is actually true. In 1939, Adolf Hitler was considered for the Nobel Prize for world peace. British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain had saved world peace by the Munich Agreement with Hitler in September 1938.

5. Cats? Oh No!

Alexander the Great, Napoleon, Mussolini and Hitler, all suffered from ailurophobia, the fear of cats.

6. He was a very good painter

Adolf Hitler was a great painter. After getting rejected twice from art school he tried to make money out of painting before joining the Nazi party.

7. Dead On May 1

Adolf Hitler who killed himself at the end of the World War 2 was declared dead on May 1. Years later, on the same day, Osama Bin Laden too was declared dead. Good riddance.

8. Hitler was assassinated 43 times

In total there were 43 assassinations on Hitler. He survived them all until later he decided to kill himself.

9. He never visited a concentration camp himself

The man was known to keep a distance from all the dirty work. Never in his life did he visit a concentration camp himself.

10. Museum of extinct race

Hitler not only wanted to drive away all the jews but wanted to establish a museum of the extinct race. Hence, he would collect Jew artifacts for the museum.

11. There are no written orders of executions by Hitler

Hitler never wrote any orders of killing the jews. Everything was verbal.

12. Before holocaust

Before the Holocaust, Hitler gave the U.S., Great Britain, and many other nations a chance to take in Jewish refugees. They refused.

13.  Hitler wasn’t people’s choice

Hitler was never elected by the people. He lost the presidential election but the Nazis formed a coalition with enough seats to demand the position of Chancellor for Hitler.

14.  Hitler married Eva Braun 40 hours before they died

Hitler didn’t marry Eva Braun and kept refusing for their marriage for 14 years, fearing he would lose his female fans. Later, they got married, 40 hours post which they killed themselves.

15. Adolf Hitler invented the blow-up sex dolls

In order to prevent his soldiers from getting diseases due to their interaction with French women, Adolf Hitler got his team to invent blow-up sex dolls under “Borghild Project” to keep their sexual tendencies satiated.

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