15 Everyday Things Around You That You Never Knew Had An Actual Name

There are some things that happen to you and exist around you which you till date considered to be nameless. Like the sudden numbing of your hands or feet with invisible needles pricking you or a particular smell that fills your nostrils when rains hits mud? Well, what if they are not just feelings but actually have a term for them? Here are 15 things that are around you or happen to you on an everyday basis that you never knew had a name!

1. Paresthesia: Needles pricking your feet

Remember when you kept your legs dangling for a long time and felt a million invisible needles pricking your foot? The numbing and needles pricking you is actually paresthesia. So now, you can tell your doctor what’s happening!

2. Philtrum

The chiseled flat dent on your upper lip, right below your nose is your Philtrum!

3. Nurdle: The blob of toothpaste

Next time you ask someone to put some toothpaste on your brush, you know what to say!

4. Petrichor: After rain shower smell

When the rain hits fresh mud and you suddenly have the urge to eat it up, that favorite smell is termed as Petrichor.


5. Griffonage: Doctor’s handwriting

All those people who have a horrible handwriting that you compare with that of a doctor, Griffonage it is!

6. Punt: The bottom dip in a bottle

The dimple at the bottom of glass bottles, especially wine bottles is called a punt.

7. Dingbats: Special symbols

All those special characters that we use to denote cuss words lie #$%@%&* are known as Dingbats.

8. Kummerspeck: Getting emotional overeating

All those times you started feeling guilty for overeating, well, it’s not just you, it’s basically all of us and hence we have a term for it, Kummerspeck.

9. Lunule: White crescent on nail

The white crescent on the bottom of the nail is called a Lunule.

10. Feat: The curly peck of hair dangling on the forehead

There, you have the word for that beauty trend, just like Superman has.

11. Gound: The early morning mucus on the sidelines of eyes

The gross eye boogers that we take off our eye corners in the morning! Eww.

12. Collywobbles: Feeling butterflies in the stomach

That queasy feeling we get while on a swing or when we fall in love! Yes, that’s collywobbles.

13. Barm: Froth on top of beer

Well, who knew that too has a name!

14. Niggly Wiggly: Flag of Hershey’s chocolates

Well, we all have seen the little flag atop a Hershey’s chocolate. Here’s what it is called.

15. Earworm: A song that you can’t get out of your head

That song that just doesn’t leave your head and is constantly on auto-play.

Is there any other word you would like to add to our list? Let us know in the comments below.

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