These 15 Chaat Items From Across The Country That Prove How ‘Chaat’ Is A Universal Emotion

If you are not a fan of Chaat, I might as well suggest that you go read about how to live a better life or probably an articles based on how to have a better taste in food. If you love chaat, you’re just at the right place. 


There’s nothing that chaat cannot fix and there is no part of this country that does not have its own designated form of chaat. Chaat is just so much more than food and no matter where you are, the place will always have its version of chaat that is ought to be lip-smacking!

This article is going to make all of us very hungry and I am sorry for that in advance but it’s time we appreciate this beautiful creation called ‘CHAAT’.

1) Pani Puri (Different variants according to different states) 


Let us begin with the king of all chaat varieties, Pani Puri. Available in every state of the country with their own local touch, pani puri never fails to disappoint. From being called Gollgappe to Phuchke to Pakodi, these are everyone’s favorite and you’re going to fall in love with the flavor each state has to offer.

2) Dahi Puri ( Maharashtra)


All that green chutney and tamarind chutney topped with sweetened yogurt on pani puri shells that are stuffed with potatoes and chickpeas. Topped with coriander and onion, dahi puri is what happiness is made of! It’s tangy, sweet, spicy and everything you need for a perfect evening snack.

3) Aloo Tikki (Delhi) 


The only reason I probably would shift back to Delhi is for the chaat I’d eat there. Aloo tikki in Delhi is just so much more than mashed potatoes mixed with spices and deep-fried. I do not have words to describe the flavor explosion aloo Tikki from Delhi would create and nothing in the world will ever come close to that. The extremely hot ‘tikki’ topped with chutney and ‘dahi’ is the probably the best thing that has ever happened in the world of chaat.

4) Bhel Puri (Mumbai) 


Originated on the streets of Mumbai, this snack is now popular all across the nation and I swear to God, no state makes it the same as the other. There is always something different about Bhel Puri from different states but let’s just accept it, nothing beats bhel puri from Mumbai!

5) Raj Kachori (Rajasthan) 


This form of chaat has made its way all the way from Bikaner, Rajasthan to all across the nation. This plate of awesomeness includes kachori that is crispy stuffed with soft pakodis and is topped with bhujiya, chutney, and curd! If this isn’t perfect, I don’t know what is!

6) Aloo Kabli (West Bengal) 


This is the healthiest form of street chat and no matter how much you eat, you’d never get enough of it. This is a mix of roughly cut boiled potatoes, tamarind chutney and a lot of chickpeas. This tangy and yummy chaat contains just the perfect amount of onions, green chilies, tomatoes, and coriander. I swear to god I could eat this every day for all my life.

7)  Palak Patta Chaat (Uttar Pradesh) 


Even though this form of chaat hasn’t gained a lot of popularity, this will make you fall in love with it. What happens when you mix crispy palak leaves into the salty yogurt sprinkled with pomegranate and all those tangy spices? You get a chaat form that makes you relish ‘Spinach’, something you wouldn’t on your average days.

8) Basket Chaat (Lucknow) 


The next time you’re in Lucknow, you wouldn’t want to miss out on Basket Chaat from Royal Cafe because this little basket contains all the happiness in the world. The basket that is made of crisp potatoes is topped with some thick sweetened yogurt, pomegranate, coriander, chutneys and let’s not forget more fried potato. This basket chaat defines pure decadence.

9) Lakhanpur De Bhalle (Jammu & Kashmir) 


Lakhanpur is the entry point to the state of J&K but what makes is supremely famous is the chaat that is sold there. Known as ‘bhalle’ amongst the masses, this fried snack is served with shredded radish and green chutney and the aroma itself is enough to make you drool over this local delicacy.

10) Hari Chutney Ke Aloo (Kanpur) 


If you like potatoes and you look like green chutney, this chaat form is your dream come true. It’s all sorts of spicy and can be eaten anytime anywhere because it’s just that awesome. It’s a very popular snack in Kanpur, especially during winters. You soak boiled potatoes in really spicy coriander chutney and even though it sounds really simple, it is pretty flavorful. Fun Fact: You can also make a Hari Chutney Aloo Ke Wrap with these.

11) Shakarkandi Chaat (Uttar Pradesh) 


You thought sweet potato was one of those borings things you could eat during fasts? Well, here’s this chaat form to prove you wrong because the sweetness in this chaat is only in the after-taste. It is a perfect blend of tanginess and spice topped with lemon and delicious crunchy ‘papdi’ that makes this chaat an awesome filling meal. It isn’t very popular in the country but you can always try one of these when you are in Delhi or parts of UP.

12) Corn Chat 


This one’s for all the health freaks out there! Do not think of think as the expensive boiled corn you get at the malls. This is boiled corn but with tons of spices, lemon, tomato, and onions. You can add in those green chilies too! This makes a perfect healthy snack and gives the ‘chaat’ feel along with it.

13) Kuliya Ki Chaat (Delhi) 


The saddest part of this form of chaat is that is now only available in certain parts of Delhi and not many people know about it. It is a unique variety of chaat where cucumbers, potatoes, and apples are used as hard shells to hold a mixture of chickpeas, pomegranate, and flavor it with spices, lemon juice, and a lot of chaat masala. The unique taste explodes in your mouth the minute you take your first bite.

14) Samosa Chaat 


You’ve not lived the right way if you’ve not combined samosa with dahi and chutney. Pipping hot samosa with tamarind chutney and green chutney, topped with curd and then garnished with onion and coriander is pure bliss. In some parts, a curry made of chickpeas is also added to complete the samosa chaat and make it more tangy and spicy.

15) Daulat Ki Chaat (Delhi) 


We have been accustomed to believe that chaat is all spicy and tangy but this particular chaat from Delhi has nothing to do with being spicy. It is actually a sweet fluffy dessert made of milk. In order to make this piece of heaven, the milk is boiled and then cooled. After it cools down, it is churned for about 8 hours so that it can obtain the creamy taste and texture. It is topped with khoya and saffron along with rich dry fruits.

You’re hungry, so am I! Let’s not waste more time and get ourselves some chaat but before you do that, don’t forget to drop a comment in the section below to let us know which is your favorite chaat and from where?

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